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Young people from 12 different countries met in Karabük

25.08.2017 567 Okunma Sayısı

18 students from 12 countries were hosted in Karabük within the scope of Turkish Summer School program organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü for the 8th time this year. In the program hosted by Karabük University, the students attended Turkish lessons for nearly a month and participated in cultural events. In addition to Turkish lessons, young people also found the opportunity to explore the region and while learning Turkish, they discovered all beauties of the city in excursions organized in Karabük, Safranbolu, Amasra, Kastamonu, Gölcük and Abant.

Activities in 5 different categories were organized for foreign students who visited Turkey as part of Turkish Summer School program. These were Turkish course, Excursion and Exploration, Culture and Art, Social Activities, Closing Event. The program was organized in collaboration with Turkish Instruction Centres (TÖMER) of universities in the cities with strategic priority .

Numerous events were organized for foreign students in Karabük program, in collaboration with Karabük University TÖMER. In the program, students who visited the district market in Karabük learned the agricultural products grown in the region. They also participated in a special program organized in Safranbolu Urfa Sofrası. In the program where examples of Turkish folk music were presented, local Turkish folk songs were also performed.

The young people who visited the historical and natural destinations in Kastamonu, also attended traditional Turkish archery lessons and made target practice. They rode horses in Safranbolu canyon tour. They observed the cliff from the crystal terrace. Delicious Turkish dishes were in the focus of everyone. In Turkish Cuisine introduction event, they rolled out pancake dough, made stuffed leaves, dumplings, and they offered the dishes they prepared to the guests.

Emotional moments in farewell dinner

Students had emotional moments in farewell dinner at the end of a very enjoyable course period. They stated that they will not forget the friendships they made in a short time and the good times they had here. They stated that they had already heard of Turkish hospitality, but they understood this better.

The countries and cities of 17 students trained in Karabük are as follows; Jordan, Serbia, Romania, Sudan, Albania, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Iran.