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Astana Yunus Emre Enstitüsü at EXPO 2017

25.07.2017 1049 Okunma Sayısı

Astana Yunus Emre Enstitüsü participated in EXPO 2017, awaited impatiently at Kazakhstan this year, with a concert titled "Kazakhstan-Turkey Melodies of Fraternity-2" held under the auspices of Turkish Embassy of Astana.

Songs by Turkish and Kazakh composers were performed with participation of Turkish World Music Ensemble affiliated to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the National Academic Philharmonic Orchestra affiliated to Astana Governorship. The orchestra was conducted by Ernar Nurtazin, who studied in Austria and won the Grand Prix at the "Gold Baguette" maestro competition. Prominent Turkish artists Çiğdem Gürdal and Cem Gürdal performed famous songs in Kazakh language such as Dudaray and Karlıgaş. In addition to Kazakh songs, 13 Turkish songs were performed  in the concert by Astana State Symphony Orchestra and Turkish World Music Ensemble.

The concert was attended by more than 1000 guests, including Astana locals as well as numerous foreign mission chiefs and members from countries as Italy, France, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Iran. A lottery was also organized at the concert, and two guests were presented with return tickets for a Astana-Istanbul flight by Turkish Airlines.

Turkish group made a short performance at EXPO Turkey National Pavilion on July 21st.

Kazakh press widely covered the event. Before the concert, Turkish artists appeared on the show Tansholpan that broadcasts live on Kazakh national television channel. After the concert, the artists made statements to numerous television channels and newspapers.