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"Çanakkale Victory" Photography Exhibition Opened in Astana

20.03.2017 1123 Okunma Sayısı

A "Çanakkale Victory" photography exhibition was opened by Astana Yunus Emre Enstitüsü on March 18th Çanakkale Martyrs' Day and the 102nd Anniversary of Çanakkale Naval Victory.

The opening of the exhibition where photographs in the General Staff archives are presented, was attended by Turkish Ambassador to Astana Nevzat Uyanık, Kazakhstan Parliament Deputy Sauıtbek Abdrahmanov and E. Senator Prof. Dr. Garifolla Esim and a large number of citizens. Greek Ambassador Alexandros Catranis and EU Representative Traian Laurentiu Hristea were also present at the opening ceremony.

Opening speeches of the ceremony were made by Kazakhstan Parliament Deputy Sautbek Abdrahmanov, Ambassador Nevzat Uyanık and Deputy Director of Astana Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Dr. Almagül Isina. Ambassador marked that the Çanakkale Victory was the best example of what the Turkish nation could accomplish when the integrity of the country and the independence of the nation are in question. Uyanık also expressed that he believed the photographs presented to Kazakh visitors reflect the fighting spirit of Turkish nation in the most powerful way. Referring to the coup attempt in Turkey, Uyanık said, "Our nation once again demonstrated its unwavering will power during the July 15th military coup attempt staged by the members of Fetullah Terrorist Organization as it did March 18th, 1915.”

After the opening speeches, Enstitü's "Yunus Emre" Choir performed "Çanakkale" and "Yemen" folk songs.

Astana locals and the Kazakh press showed intense interest in the exhibition that was open for two days at the Han Şatır Shopping Mall.