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Great symphony feast in Rome!

11.09.2017 1014 Okunma Sayısı

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü organized two important concerts in Rome on September 16-17 performed by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO). The orchestra performed many outstanding works, including the piece composed by famous Japanese Orchestra conductor Seiji Mukaiyama depicting the story of Ertuğrul Frigate. In the second concert, Turkish and Italian opera artists accompanied the orchestra in the Great Lyrical Music Gala.

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü that organizes events all around the world with the aim of promoting Turkish culture and strengthening the cultural friendships between countries, has realized a major organization in Rome. Enstitü hosted concerts performed by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. In the "Turkish-Japanese Friendship Concert" organized on the first day, the famous Japanese conductor Seiji Mukaiyama conducted the orchestra that performed a repertoire including his works "Ertuğrul Frigate" and "Just in Time-Escape from Tehran". Turkish and Italian opera artists accompanied the orchestra conducted by famous Italian conductor Lorenzo Castriota Skanderbeg in the "Great Lyric Music Gala" organized for Turkish-Italian Friendship.

"Turkish-Japanese Friendship Concert" held at Eliseo Theatre Hall on September 16th 

The repertoire of the first concert performed by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra conducted by Japanese Conductor Seiji Mukaiyama at the Eliseo Theatre Hall on September 16th, Saturday, featured Mukaiyama's works. In the first part of "Turkish-Japanese Friendship Concert", the work titled "Just in Time- Escape from Tehran" composed by Conductor Mukaiyama was performed, and in the second part, the work titled "Ertuğrul's Journey" again composed by Mukaiyama was performed by CSO artists. The work "Just in Time - Escape from Tehran" depicts the evacuation of Japanese people from Tehran in 1985 during the Iran-Iraq war with a THY flight sent by Prime Minister of the period Turgut Özal; and "Ertuğrul's Journey" is about Ertuğrul Frigate that sank off Japanese shore in 1890 and 69 sailors rescued. In the concert, the story of Ertuğrul Frigate and evacuation of Japanese passengers from Tehran were told accompanied by music and a cine-vision screening.

"Turkish-Italian Friendship Concert" in Argentina Theatre on September 17th 

On the evening of September 17th, "Great Lyric Music Gala" was held in Argentina Theatre for "Turkish-Italian Friendship". Works including a broad opera repertoire were performed by Turkish and Italian opera artists. Presidential Symphony Orchestra of 90 conducted by famous Italian Conductor Lorenzo Castriota Skanderbeg and four soloists performed in the concert.

Free concerts organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü in collaboration with Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Wakayama District Governorship and Turkish Airlines were a superb feast for music lovers in Rome.

The pain that established the bridge of affection between the two countries; Ertuğrul Frigate

Abdulhamid II ordered a return visit to Japan by sending a delegate after Japanese Emperor's nephew visited Istanbul in 1887 with a war ship. Ertuğrul Frigate built in Istanbul shipyards was chosen for this visit and the ship sailed from Istanbul in July 1889 arriving at Yokohama Port in Japan 11 months later, on July 7th, 1889, and was welcomed by Japanese Emperor with a solemn ceremony. The frigate had left Yokohama port on September 15th, 1890 after three months in Japanese waters, but was caught in a storm off Kushimoto shore and sank on September 16th, 1890. The tragic end of Ertuğrul Frigate from which only 69 Turkish sailors survived, and the efforts of  Japanese people to rescue ship's crew, brought Turkish and Japanese people closer, and this friendship has survived to date as Turks performed their duty of loyalty to Japanese people by evacuating 215 Japanese nationals stranded in Tehran in 1985 during Iran-Iraq war.


Composer, Songwriter, Orchestra Conductor

Seiji Mukaiyama was born in 1946 in the Wakayama Province where Ertuğrul Frigate sank. In 1998, he started composing classical music pieces 'suddenly', as he puts it. Mukaiyama, who has conducted many famous orchestras as an amateur orchestra conductor until today, also writes the lyrics of his works on nature, man and history. Since 2009, Mukaiyama has been organizing concert tours on subject of Turkish-Japanese friendship and continues to give messages of friendship and cooperation to the whole world based on the common background of Turkish and Japanese people.