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"Sultan Composers" in Brazil

10.11.2017 1432 Okunma Sayısı

The "Colours of Anatolia" culture and arts tour organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü which features dozens of events from concerts to conferences, continues. The compositions by Ottoman sultans who composed music, meet with music lovers in Brazil and Argentina with modern interpretations of Orchestra Conductor Musa Göçmen and Reed Flute soloist Bilgin Canaz.

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü promotes the culture and traditional motifs of Turkey in five continents of the world through the Colours of Anatolia program, which gathers numerous culture and art activities under a single roof. The Colours of Anatolia program, launched in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in April, hosted a magnificent concert in Brazil  on November 9th following Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Saz Semai from Bayezid, Waltz from Abdulaziz

Orchestra conductor and composer Musa Göçmen performs works of Ottoman sultans with today's musical and orchestral approach and presents the audience in a universal style at Sultan Composers concert. Since the works carry a universal approach, they can be performed all over the world. Orchestra's repertoire features compositions of sultans Beyazid II, Mahmud I, Selim III, Murad IV, Sultan Abdulaziz and Murad V who significantly contributed to Turkish music.

The works performed in the Sultan Composers Concert held at Brazil Sao Paulo MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som on November 9th are as follows: Eviç Saz Semaisi (Sultan Beyazid II), Neva Peşrev (Sultan Beyazid II), Şehnaz Peşrev (Sultan Mahmud I), Hicaz Kalender (Sultan Mahmud II), Suz-i Dilara Peşrev (Sultan Selim III), Pesendide Peşrev (Sultan Selim III), Uzzal Peşrev (Sultan Murad IV), Invitation A La Valse (Sultan Abdulaziz), Polka in G No:1 (Sultan Murad V), Polka in G No:2 (Sultan Murad V), Hicazkar Sirto (Sultan Abdulaziz), Hicaz Mandıra (Sultan Abdulaziz)

Colours of Anatolia reaching countries in 5 continents from India to Brazil

The program, started on September 25th and to continue until November 15th, will meet with art lovers in 9 different countries of the world. Activities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus were held in the first phase of Colours of Anatolia Program.

The next stop is on November 13th in Argentina

The next stop of Sultan Composers Concert organized within the Colours of Anatolia program, will be Argentina. The concert to take place on November 13th at the National Library of Argentina in capital Buenos Aires, will be coloured up by the show of marbling artist Garip Ay.

From Tradition to Future: Marbling is reinterpreted

Garip Ay who carries the traditional marbling art to our day with a different interpretation, makes colours dance on water. Artist Garip Ay whose popular TV series credits and performances where he interprets the works of famous artist Van Gogh using marbling, are watched millions of times on the internet, contributes to the increased interest in marbling in various countries with his works.

Who is Musa Göçmen?

Musa Göçmen, who started his music education in his childhood, composed numerous works after his first which he performed at the age of 14. During his years in the military Göçmen was a military music composer and conductor, and he composed large-scale symphonic works, operas, and produced exclusive symphonic projects. Representing Turkey with concerts in major festivals abroad, Musa Göçmen lastly made the instrumentation and conducted ZÜMRÜD-Ü ANKA - A Civilization Musical, which was carried out by TRT under auspices of Turkish Presidency.

Who is Bilgin Canaz?

In 2003, he took part in Sufi Form Flamenco project. He performed in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as in various festivals in Turkey. This project's album was released by Kalan Music. He performed Mevlana Oratorio as a solo reed flute artist with Istanbul State Opera and Polyphonic Choir in 2007 Hagia Eirene and Aspendos. He gave concerts in USA and at İzmir Art Festival with Tanini Trio, they formed together with Qanun Artist Tahir Aydoğdu and Pianist Hakan Toker. Canaz performed his art to   many heads of state and the President and Queen of England Elizabeth II. The artist, who also worked with Doğan Canku, has two albums with Tanini Trio titled Dokunuşlar 1 and 2 in which they interpreted Western and Turkish Classical songs as well as a solo album.