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Turkish Summer School students in Turkish cuisine!

10.08.2017 812 Okunma Sayısı

As part of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü "Turkish Summer School", 28 students from 12 countries visited Bursa, and they made stuffed vine leaves and rolled out dough to learn Turkish cuisine. 

Ankara University Turkish and Foreign Languages Application and Research Centre (TÖMER) Bursa branch hosted 28 foreign students who visited the city, attended Turkish courses and also visited various historical, geographical and cultural venues. Students also participated in tile, calligraphy and marbling workshops.

The students who participated in the event held at Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses Erikli Vocational Training Centre, made stuffed vine leaves and rolled out dough to make pastry at the Ottoman Cuisine Workshop.

TÖMER Bursa Branch Manager Halil Çağlar made a statement to AA correspondent and stated that they organized Turkish culture and art activities for guest students who participated in the 8th Summer School program organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü.

Çağlar, marking that the students visited Çanakkale and İzmir, said, "Language and culture are an inseparable duo. Someone who learns Turkish should be able to learn how to look at the world in Turkish. They have such acquisitions. This is one of the objectives of the program.”

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Bursa Student Coordinator Muharrem Kocaman informed that 500 students participated in the organization held under the auspices of Turkish Presidency last year and this number increased to 700 this year.

Khalid Mire Warsame from Somalia said that he liked the program very much and explained that they got the opportunity to both learn Turkish and visit historical and tourist destinations.

Tamuna Partenadze from Georgia said that she participated in excursions to İzmir and Çanakkale, and spoke as follows:

"I like Bursa very much, this is the most beautiful city. We made stuffed vine leaves, cheese pie, and lentil soup. I enjoyed it and really liked these dishes. My opinions about Turkey have changed. Turkish people are generous and beautiful.”