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We condemn the terrorist attack

11.12.2016 1124 Okunma Sayısı

There was a big explosion near Vodafone Arena in Beşiktaş around 10.30 P.M.

About an hour after Super Toto Super Lig match played between Beşiktaş and Bursaspor, there was an explosion near the stadium, and according to the statement from the Ministry of the Interior 44 citizens were killed, 37 being police officers.

Police and health teams were dispatched to the scene. Injured cops were sent to hospitals in the area by ambulances.

Istanbul Police Chief Mustafa Çalışkan examined the scene, and visited the injured people in Şişli Etfal Hospital and met with their relatives.

President Erdoğan: The name and method of the terrorist organization is of no importance

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a written statement about the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

Erdoğan stated that a terrorist attack targeting security forces and citizens was carried out in Beşiktaş that night and it is understood that the explosions occurred immediately after Beşiktaş-Bursaspor match, aimed for the highest mortality.

In his statement, President Erdoğan said the following:

"As a result of these attacks, unfortunately there are martyrs and wounded. May those martyred rest in peace, and the wounded get well soon. We once more witnessed the ugliest face of terror,  trampling all kinds of values and morals, tonight in Istanbul. Whenever Turkey takes a positive step towards the future, there is an immediate response as blood, life, brutality, chaos by terrorist organizations. The name and method of this terrorist organization behind this atrocious attack, we have experienced many times in recent years, is of no importance. All terrorist organizations, be it PKK, ISIS or FETÖ, attack our country and nation for the same purpose.

We know that Turkey will be able to heal wounds by itself, will grieve alone together with true friends, and will find no one on its side except for make-do statements. We have no reason to expect for countries that prefer to support terrorist organizations and terrorists rather than standing by Turkey and Turkish nation fighting against terrorism, to act differently after this event. There is no doubt that we will overcome terrorism, terrorist organizations, terrorists and of course the powers behind them as a country and a nation, with God's help. On the contrary, these attacks sharpen our enthusiasm and determination rather than smoothing. No weapon has been invented to divert a nation from its path who fights with the understanding 'If I die, I am a martyr, if I live, I am a veteran'.

We have the courage and sagacity to overcome our issues. In the fight against separatist terrorism, just like our martyrs on July 15th, we will continue to bury the citizens deceased in Beşiktaş in our hearts, keep their memories alive forever, but at the same time we will continue to walk determinedly in direction of our goals. We will continue our ceaseless struggle without hesitation, knowing that blood has been and will be added to the blood shed to make this lands our homeland for a thousand years. As a state and nation, we will never let go of this incident and its brutal perpetrators. Once more, may those martyred rest in peace, and the wounded get well soon."

Prime Minister Yıldırım: We will overcome this great pain by uniting as a nation

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım issued a written statement, vehemently condemning the murderers against humanity who once again showed their dark and treacherous faces in Beşiktaş İstanbul, as enemies of humanity, life, peace, and innocence.

Prime Minister Yıldırım said the following:

"May the curse of all people with a conscience as well as 80 million Turkish citizens, be upon terrorist organizations and those who aid and abet, sponsor and wink at them. Unfortunately there are those who are martyred and wounded following the car-bomb attack at 10.29 P.M. targeting the security forces and football fans after Bursaspor-Beşiktaş football match. Our pain is beyond words but we will overcome this pain as a nation by uniting and closing ranks.

The murderers who ambush life, peace, and happiness can not harm the integrity of state and nation; can not divert Turkey from the path of democracy and law. I hereby wish patience and fortitude to our great nation. The blood of our martyrs will be avenged. I wish the wounded to get well soon. Murderers who targeted life and powers who sent those despicable souls to destroy their bodies as well, will get the due response. Turkish government our ministers are vigilant to shed light on this heinous attack. May Allah make our unity and solidarity lasting, and protect our country, nation and state that is the conscience of mankind. "


We remind that the - armed or unarmed - attacks which get more violent each day using different methods against our state, the survival of our country, the unity of our nation, bring us closer; and condemn the bombed terrorist attack near the Vodafone Arena stadium in İstanbul, Beşiktaş. May those martyred rest in peace, may God give their relatives patience, and may the wounded get well soon.