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"YEE will carry out new projects to set an example for Africa"

21.10.2017 897 Okunma Sayısı

Prime Minister Yıldırım addressed African ministers at the Turkey-African Countries Education Ministers Conference.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım who spoke at the Turkey-African Countries Education Ministers Conference organized by the Ministry of National Education at Çırağan Palace, thanked the African ministers of education who were in Turkey for the program and said that an intensive and productive program was carried out for two days.

"YEE will carry out new projects to set an example for Africa"

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım expressed that the operations of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü and the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities continue at a fast pace. Yıldırım expressed that they expect support from these countries so that the institutions can operate more easily and stated that there are 10 Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres in 8 African countries, protocols have been signed with 13 universities in 8 countries within the scope of Turcology Projects and Cooperation Protocols and there are a total of 23 contact points in 10 countries. Yıldırım stated that after this conference Yunus Emre Enstitüsü will carry out new projects and activities that will set an example for Africa with the support of participating countries.

Prime Minister Yıldırım stated that Africa is the place where humanity and civilization were born, and said, "We have always regarded the representatives of this ancient civilization as our brothers and sisters who we must always work with. We have always respected the values of Africa. Independence and peace in African countries has invariably been a priority in Turkish foreign politics. As Turkey, development of Africa and Turkey are primary.”

"Success in Africa will be a global success"

Yıldırım said that relations with Africa, ties from the past, shared humanitarian values, history and geographical proximity to Africa make Turkey not only a friend but also a neighbour of this region. Yıldırım added the following: "Turkey has one foot in Asia and one in Europe, but our hearts have been with Africa for years. Through a sincere friendship, and this process in which Turkey opens to Africa, our relations advance each day. Turkey declared 2005 as Africa year and the number of investments in Africa have increased since then. We entered into a restructuring phase where projects, humanitarian aid efforts and relations began to deepen and diversify in every field. The goal of this phase is to establish a friendship between our countries. African countries also grow and develop with rapidly changing and developing world. The rich natural resources, and manpower of African countries with the youngest population among all continents, reveal Africa's importance in the world economy and politics each day. Africa, with its rich culture, ancient history and dynamic population structure, is strong enough to realize the great steps expected from it. The efforts of African countries to become a developed continent in every field are followed and appreciated by the entire world. Success in Africa will be a global success, a success of mankind.”

"The Monopoly of a Few Countries will no longer continue"

Prime Minister Yıldırım said, "The monopoly of a single region or a few countries will no longer continue in our globalizing world, in order to ensure better living standards for the whole humanity all countries will come together and our world will become a global village. As Turkey, we are determined to support the development initiatives of African countries in every respect.”

Yıldırım emphasized that Turkey is a true friend and brother of Africa, and continued as follows: "Turkey will continue to support the hopes of African countries for the future and development efforts in every field. We will continue to share our experience, social, political and cultural accumulation, all kinds of opportunities and resources with our African brothers and sisters on the basis of mutual benefit. It is our primary goal to further the good relations between Turkey and African countries. We attach major importance to our relations with these countries within our African Partnership Project. While there were only 12 embassies in the continent in 2002, today we have 39 embassies. While the number of African ambassadors in Ankara was 10 in 2002, there are now 33. As can be seen, the communication between Turkey and Africa advances each day not through unilateral will but through mutual efforts.”

Yıldırım informed that in 2005 Turkey was accepted as an observer to African Union that is the ultimate platform where issues of Africa are discussed, and was declared a strategic partner in 2008 by the Union and marked that Turkey-Africa Summit held in Istanbul in 2008 was the beginning of a new period and marked a new phase in relations. Yıldırım pointed out that through adoption of Africa Strategy Document in 2010, it was ensured that relevant institutions shaped a common vision for African continent, and stated the following: “The second Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit was between November 19 and 21, 2014, and the projects Turkey would carry out with African countries between years 2015-2019 were documented and discussed in detail. In this context, we realize projects within the scope of strengthening trade and investment, peace and safety, education and culture and empowering youth and targeting priority issues in technology transfer, rural economy, agriculture, energy and transportation industries.”

Prime Minister Yıldırım noted that Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit will be held in Istanbul for the third time in 2019, and informed that they will determine the shortcomings and the road map for the future by reviewing the work and developments to date, in the Summit. Yıldırım stated that numerous activities have been held in various fields between African countries and Turkey and that the Turkey-African Countries Education Ministers Conference is an example. Yıldırım expressed that issues such as furthering the cooperation between African countries and Turkey, especially in the field of education, ensuring exchange of know-how concerning educational systems, continuing and advancing the cooperation against FETÖ that has become an international threat, were discussed with all aspects. Yıldırım thanked the ministers or senior executives who represented their respective countries, emphasizing the importance they attach to this conference.

"Turkey will continue to share its opportunities"

Yıldırım who stated that Turkey's partnership with African countries grows stronger each day, transforming into a corporate structure, continued his speech as follows: "We see that our friendly ties are getting stronger and cooperation is furthered not only in political, economic and cultural fields but in all areas. Turkey will continue to share the experience, accumulation, opportunities and resources it possesses with African countries on the basis of mutual benefit. Trade with African continent was around 3.6 billion dollars in 2003, and today, this figure has increased to 25 billion dollars. This clearly manifests that our policy of opening to Africa and our decision to further the relations with Africa were on point. Today Turkish Airlines is the largest airlines in the world that has direct flights to Africa. Turkish Airlines regularly fly to 51 destinations in 32 countries. We can not say that our trade with African countries fully reflect the true potential between our countries. We must make more efforts, and achieve more.” Yıldırım underlined that they must find new ways to strengthen economic cooperation. Marking that if well-directed steps are taken and they continue to work towards the established targets, much better days await us, Yıldırım said, "Turkish government institutions will continue to support all steps your countries will take aimed at contributing to the socio-economic development of countries on the African continent."

Prime Minister Yıldırım said that Turkey acts in concert with African countries in the field of foreign politics, and that they believe this will further strengthen the ties between the two countries. Yıldırım said he also wanted to share something they believe would make this connection permanent.

Yıldırım stated that the results of the conference will be observed better in the coming days and requested participating countries to remember that Turkey is forever their second home. Yıldırım sent his regards to the Prime Ministers of the participating countries, and requested them to especially share the friendly and brotherly feelings Turkish people feel, with their people and country.

Minister Yılmaz presented Prime Minister Yıldırım with a gift after his speech and a family photo was taken with the participants.