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Young people from five continents met in Izmir to learn Turkish

25.08.2017 1139 Okunma Sayısı

Foreign students who came to Turkey to participate in Yunus Emre Enstitüsü "Turkish Summer School" program, explored İzmir and its periphery boasting all natural beauties of the Aegean, and participated in cultural and artistic activities organized for them.

One foot of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Turkish Summer School program, was held in İzmir. Foreign students blended Turkish language they learned in their respective countries with Anatolian culture in Izmir and learned about Turkish culture and art in events they participated.

In the program, many activities were offered from marbling art to Zeybek folk dances. In addition, music of Turkish lands was introduced with Turkish instruments. They enjoyed Selçuk, Ephesus, Şirince and Konak Kemeraltı Kızlarağası Inn excursions. In Turkish coffee introduction event, they found the chance to observe how to make the best coffee in practice.

People are curious about the agricultural products endemic to the region as well as the cuisines of the countries. The district markets, which also give hints on region's cuisine, are among main attractions for all tourists. For this reason, Özkanlar Public Market was visited with foreign guests. After the tour, the guests visited Kımız Farm and Nazarköy, rode horses and had a barbecue picnic.

They took the ferry to Karşıyaka and toured the area, and later, they relaxed at Asansör (Elevator) one of the most famous attractions in İzmir. The group visited Foça, a popular holiday village in the Aegean, and İnciraltı, and made a boat tour in the Gulf. In Çeşme Alaçatı tour organized, they explored İzmir's natural sites and tourist destinations.

The countries of 22 students who attended the course in İzmir are as follows; Jordan, Serbia, Lebanon, Romania, Algeria, Sudan, Albania, Afghanistan, Moldova, Romania, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Georgia, Poland, Macedonia.