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Young people who learn Turkish met in Sakarya

25.08.2017 530 Okunma Sayısı

Within the scope of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Turkish Summer School program, 20 young people from 15 countries were hosted in Sakarya. Students who learned Turkish in Turkish Language Instruction, Application and Research Centre (TÖMER) under Sakarya University, participated in cultural and artistic activities and visited the historical and natural sites in the city. In excursions organized to Bursa and Çanakkale as well as Sakarya, they discovered Turkish culture and natural beauties. 20 foreign students from 15 countries in Sakarya got the opportunity to visit important destinations of the city. Students who visited Sakarya city centre, Forest Park, Kent Park, Poyrazlar, Justinianus Bridge, and Gölpark, had a pleasant time at Poyrazlar Lake where lake and forest meet. They rode paddle boats on lakeside, enjoyed the hammocks and barbecue under giant trees.

In addition to film screenings, they explored the taste stops of the city as well.

The students who visited Sakarya's Hendek district, saw Rasim Pasha Mosque, Bayraktepe and Uludere Park. Rasim Pasha Mosque attracted the attention of students as a single-domed mosque which are rare around the world. The guests who took lots of photos in Uludere Park, danced the halay and had a good time with Turkish folk songs. Maden Creek and Waterfall were also pleasant stops for students. Guests who visited Sakarya's tourist spot Taraklı, enjoyed picking fruits in the area they admired. They chatted with Taraklı locals and tasted the Keşkek dish, a special treat in Anatolian cuisine. The students also gave thumbs up to city's famous Islama Meatballs and Sakarya Kebab.

The film "Uzun Hikaye", directed by Osman Sınav, adapted from the book by esteemed writer Mustafa Kutlu which depicts the dramatic story of Bulgarian Ali who migrated from Bulgaria with his grandfather in 1940s and settled in Istanbul Eyüp, was screened in Sakarya Art Centre. The students later visited Sakarya Earthquake Museum and watched the earthquake simulation, expressing that they felt the pain of Sakarya locals in their hearts.

They visited Bursa and Çanakkale as well as Sakarya

An excursion to Bursa and Çanakkale was organized for students outside of Sakarya. The group was particularly impressed with Eceabat and Gallipoli. Students who visited Rumeli Mecidiye Bastion and Kilitbahir Fortress prayed at the martyrs' cemetery. They took a lot of photos in Behramkale, where the sea and history are nested. They experienced the thrill of shooting arrows for the first time in Çanakkale. The group that went from Çanakkale to Bursa visited traditional Cumalıkızık houses after having a wonderful breakfast prepared with natural products and stopped by at small shops selling handmade goods and bought souvenirs for their families and friends. They admired the engravings and tiles in Green Mosque and Ulucami, two of the most famous historical sites of Bursa. Tombs of Osman I and Orhan, founders of Ottoman State, Bursa City Museum and Ulu Çınar (Monumental Sycamore) were among attractions visited in Bursa. Bursa's famous Iskender Kebab was students' favourite among Turkish foods they tasted in Bursa.

The Sakarya group students who learned Turkish for nearly a month completed the "Turkish Summer School" program full of enjoyable excursions, delicious foods, surprise activities, culture and arts as well as participating in excursions in Ankara and Istanbul.

The countries of 20 students who came to Sakarya are as follows; Jordan, Serbia, Romania, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Albania, Afghanistan, Moldova, Palestine, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Macedonia.