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Colours of Anatolia Warms Hearts in Northern Europe

26.09.2017 1009 Okunma Sayısı

Organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, "Colours of Anatolia” culture-art tour featuring tens of events as concerts and conferences, took start. The program that brings Turkey's cultural motifs to five continents of the world, was met with great interest in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü continues to carry out multifaceted cultural diplomacy and promotional efforts for Turkey, all over the world. In Colours of Anatolia program that gathers various cultural and artistic activities under a single roof, Turkish cultural motifs are introduced in five continents of the world. Colours of Anatolia program launched by the Enstitü in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in April, continues also in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Activities carried out in the region as part of the program, opened with  participation of Turkish ambassadors. The program in which several colourful events were held, is followed with great interest.

Special show on Kadesh Treaty

In the program, the music and dance show inspired by world's first written peace treaty Kadesh made in Anatolian lands, and was accompanied by world famous marbling artist Garip Ay's colours projected on the curtain, enchanted the audience with its rhythm that blended traditional and modern dances. Colours of Anatolia hosting a variety of activities, met with art lovers in the most distinguished halls such as the Tallinn University in Estonia, the Latvian Culture Academy in Latvian capital of Riga, the Vilnius Congress Hall in Lithuania and the State Union Building in Belarus Minsk.

Dance and acting workshops attracted attention in Latvia

Extensive activities were organized in Latvia as part of Colours of Anatolia program. Artists from Turkish dance ensemble and Latvian conservatory students held a joint folk dance workshop at the Latvian Academy of Culture. In addition, Albanian actor and professor Şüküri Çavuşay held an acting workshop in the Culture Academy in Latvia's capital Riga, participated by conservatory students and the theatre director, and shared his experiences with students. Marbling show performed by artist Garip Ay at Riga Embassy, also scored with the audience. Ema Pavelkyte, a student of Turkish Language and Literature in Vilnius State University, where Yunus Emre Enstitüsü  conducts the Turcology Project and has a cooperation with, performed Lithuanian and Turkish songs. The song "Memleketim (My home town)" received an applause. Kadesh Dance Show staged afterwards, was a hit with dancers' spectacular performances.

Art and science nested in Minsk

In Colours of Anatolia program that coincided with the 25th anniversary of the official relations between Turkey and Belarus, Reha Ermumcu will give a qanun recital today in Minsk, and a conference will be held in Belarus Academy of Sciences on October 6th  where Prof. Dr. Bilge Demirköz will participate as a speaker. Demirköz, who has conducted significant studies on behalf of Turkey in Cern, Switzerland, is a prominent figure with international accomplishments in space radiation and space physics. Prof. Dr. Demirköz will give a speech on the latest developments in his field and the position of Turkey in world science in Belarus where the year 2017 was declared as "Science and Technology Year". Many scientists will follow the conference to be organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü within the scope of its international scientific diplomacy activities.