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July 15th to be explained to the whole world once again

11.07.2017 1336 Okunma Sayısı

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, that has been carrying out operations in more than fifty centres and more than one hundred contact points on five continents with the aim of strengthening Turkey's cultural and diplomatic ties, will organize a number of events within the scope of July 15th Victory of Democracy and Martyrs' Day Memorial events in cities from Paris to Baku, and from Nicosia to Skopje. Yunus Emre Enstitüsü President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş stated that they have carried out activities vigorously to tell the world what happened on and after July 15th military coup attempt.

Memorial events are scheduled for citizens who lost their lives in July 15th in 81 cities, primarily in Istanbul and Ankara on the anniversary of the July 15th  invasion attempt. July 15th invasion attempt where warplanes flew over metropolises of Turkey, and the members of Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) within the Turkish Armed Forces drove tanks on citizens on streets, will be commemorated in activities to be held at the Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres abroad.

July 15th Victory of Democracy and Martyrs' Day Memorial Events will be held at 131 contact points in 59 countries where Yunus Emre Enstitüsü intensely carries out activities and YEE centres are located in, mainly Palestine, Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, and TRNC. Photography exhibitions, symposiums, panels and meetings as well as honouring and memorial marathons will be organized as part of activities planned in collaboration with Turkish embassies, consulates and government officials of respective countries. It is aimed to inform the international public in depth about FETO that attempted to deal a blow on Turkey, its integrity and democracy on July 15th with the aim of invading the country and the heinous attempt through local administrations and media.

Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş: We explain July 15th to hundreds of thousands

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş marking that they carry out activities intensively to explain to the world the events that took place during July 15th FETO coup attempt, spoke as follows: “We were the first to explain the coup attempt in Turkey and also the first to intervene. We contacted media members all over the world through all our agencies. We gathered with the media members, local politicians, academicians. We have explained what happened in Turkey on July 15th, how the national will took the squares and the struggle for independence to hundreds of thousands in more than 50 YEE centres and more than 100 contact points throughout the year.”

“Intense Disinformation in the West”

Enstitü President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş continued his speech as follows:

“All the personnel in our centres from directors to officials explain this heinous attempt, and raise awareness among the public. Especially in Western countries there is intense disinformation. As a cultural institute, we are not the only ones; all government institutions and non-governmental organizations make intense efforts as well. In fact Turkey made a new history on July 15th. That night there were people who took the streets upon a single call, who faced the tanks without fearing the guns and who confronted the barrels pointed at them. This attempt indeed revealed how devoted Turkish nation is to its freedom and national will. We must explain to the world this spirit of freedom and Turkey's normalization process after July 15th. In this sense, as Yunus Emre Enstitüsü we play our part.”

“The interest in Turkish culture exploited”

Expressing that the terrorist organization exploited the good intentions of people who aspired to learn Turkish culture and language, Prof. Dr. Ateş said, “Unfortunately this organisation spread to the world using the cultural values of the Anatolian people. By using Turkish Schools title, they promoted them as state schools. As a result, foreign governments, states sometimes mistook these schools for state schools. July 15th clearly revealed the true intentions of the organization. In face of this malevolent movement that also attempted to sabotage international cultural diplomacy efforts, our state established Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres so that Turkey can be introduced through correct channels and Turkish language can be taught correctly. Tasks such as bringing correct sources abroad, establishing Turkish libraries there, as well as ensuring communication with universities in Turkey are completely under our control. In this sense, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres direct the interest taken in Turkey to correct channels and will continue to do so.”

Action taken on the night of July 15th

On the night of July 15th, on Enstitü President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş's instruction, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres in five continents took action and informed the public on the heinous coup attempt to prevent disinformation that could emerge abroad. Through press statements and bilateral discussions, the events on July 15th and the coup attempt were explained all over the world. 540 foreign students from 46 countries attended the Turkish Summer School commenced almost a week later and they expressed solidarity with Turkish nation. Turkish Summer School students who participated in democracy watches, stated that they were on the side of democracy and condemned the coup attempt.