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President Erdoğan: 2017 will be "Turkish Language Year"

15.03.2017 1607 Okunma Sayısı

With the campaign to be carried out under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, year 2017 was declared as "Turkish Language Year".

In a written statement by the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş, it was stated that a decision was reached to declare 2017 as “Turkish language Year” which has thousands of years of history and is a special language in the world, in order to raise public awareness about the negativities Turkish has experienced throughout the past few centuries as a result of changes and their solutions.

In the statement, it was underlined that with the campaign under the auspices of President Erdoğan, 2017 was declared as "Turkish Language Year".

According to the statement, the activities to be held throughout the year under the leadership of Atatürk Supreme Council of Culture, Language and History and the Turkish Language Society, will be carried out with the title "Our Language Our Identity".

Within the scope of this campaign, it is anticipated to carry out activities to encourage speaking Turkish correctly and well in the private sector, non-governmental organizations and media organs, mainly in public institutions and organizations, and to realize a number of scientific, cultural and artistic activities.

The use of Turkish language in social media will also be discussed

With declaration of 2017 as "Turkish Language Year" following the campaign, it is aimed to encourage correct usage of Turkish language, to avoid degeneration of language encountered in the names of businesses and venues, to prevent spreading of foreign words despite there are corresponding Turkish words, and to overcome negativities that arise with sloppy Turkish people use on social media.

Various cultural, artistic and scientific activities will be carried out across Turkey by public institutions and organizations in order to raise an established language awareness and sensitivity among the public.

It will be ensured that society, especially the youth and media will become aware of the importance of using Turkish language well, correctly, finely abiding by grammar rules.

President Erdoğan had pointed it out

In the speech he made at the 2016 Presidential Culture and Art Grand Awards Ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan marked that Turkey is full of historical success stories in the last 14 years in infrastructure, economy, foreign politics and health fields however they could not reach the desired level in fields of education, culture and art. Erdoğan said,  "I believe we are obliged to prioritize these two fields in the coming period. A development not made permanent through education and not fortified with culture and arts, will only bring us tastelessness, lovelessness, and darkness. We in fact experience the throes of it in every area.”

President Erdoğan spoke as follows: "It is not possible for a country underdeveloped in culture and arts, to be independent in the real sense, to at least maintain its independence. There is a lot of distance we need to cover not only in introducing new values, but in explaining the assets we have on a global level and in ensuring that masses are familiar with and influenced by these. "