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South Africa learns Turkish!

07.07.2017 850 Okunma Sayısı

Johannesburg Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Director Gökhan Kahraman said, “We teach Turkish to South Africans in the most correct and reliable way.”

Kahraman who made a statement to the AA correspondent marked that Turkish instruction activities in South Africa were launched seven months ago, spoke as follows: "We opened our first cultural centre in Johannesburg. We offer education to South African students on certain days of the week at our Enstitü centre. We have 41 students from 7 to 74 years old. "

Underlining that South Africa has an important position in the African continent, Kahraman said; "Our historical ties with South Africa dates back to Abu Bakr Effendi who was assigned by Ottoman Sultan and Caliphate Abdulaziz in 1863 on request of Cape Town Muslims. As Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, we will soon open a cultural centre in Cape Town where our shared history began. "

Kahraman who informed about the activities of Johannesburg Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, said, "We carry out a number of activities in our Enstitü, primarily Turkish courses. We aim to bring Turkish culture closer to South Africans by offering Turkish handicraft courses such as marbling, calligraphy and illumination at our art workshop. "

Marking that they will hold conferences, seminars and academic events to promote Turkey more effectively, Kahraman said: "We will further strengthen our historical ties with South Africa through our operations."

"We teach Turkish in South Africa with 11 official languages"

Kahraman: "We teach Turkish in South Africa with 11 official languages. During the apartheid period, there was a lot of pressure on South Africans speaking their own languages, and as a result there is great interest towards learning languages. "

Reminding that the relations between South Africa in the field of education were formed in the Ottoman era, Kahraman said, "Islamic scholar Abu Bakr Effendi sent to South Africa during the Ottoman period, was a teacher and a professor, and launched the first educational activities after becoming a popular figure in the region. He carried out   considerable educational activities. Moreover, he opened the the first girl's school in the region. He explained the true Islamic way of life to South Africans who had been misinformed.”

Stating that Turkey's humanitarian aid activities throughout Africa, greatly echo in South Africa, Kahraman said, "There is great respect and affection for Turks in South Africa,"and spoke as follows:

"Turks and South Africans have stood together in every period of history. We see South Africans who want to fight against the Italians on the Ottomans' side in the Turco-Italian War. Turks and South Africans have maintained mutual relations without looking after their own interests or having a secret agenda since the War of Independence. In many regions of Africa, when Turks are mentioned, the people there welcome you because they know that you are not there to exploit the people of the region like imperialist powers. You are from the Islamic civilization. There is absolutely no colonialism in your civilization, and because you come from a humanistic culture which value all human beings, there are ties of affection between you and them. We particularly observe that in experiences of investors, businessman or people from Turkey who are in Africa for a reason."