Turcology Protocol Signed between YEE and Setif-2 University


A number of agreements were signed between Turkey and Algeria when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Algeria as part of his Africa tour.

At the signing ceremony held after President Erdoğan received Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, YEE President Şeref Ateş and Director of Algeria Intercollegiate Cooperation and Exchange Arezki Saidani signed "Turcology Project Cooperation Protocol between Yunus Emre Enstitüsü (YEE) and Setif-2 University".

High-Quality Turkish instruction with Turcology Project

Playing a pioneering role in promoting Turkey, Turkish language and culture better abroad, YEE furthers the friendly relations between Turkey and other countries; increases cultural exchange; provides services to those who aspire to study Turkish language, history, literature, culture and arts abroad with the ongoing Turcology project as well as making relevant domestic and foreign information and documents available to the world. In addition, YEE enables the Turkish / Turcology / Turkish Language and Literature departments abroad to continue offering education by assigning Turkish faculty members, which leads to a better quality Turkish language and literature education and aims to promote Turkey abroad through Turkish culture.

More than 900 students in 4 universities in Algeria

Turcology Project is implemented in 84 universities in 44 countries to further promote Turkey and Turkish culture abroad. With the protocol signed in Algeria, the number of universities with which collaborations have been established, has risen to four. Within the scope of the project; more than 900 students study in Turcology departments in Algeria-2 University, Constantine University, Medea Yahiya Fares University and Setif 2 Mohamed Lamine Debaghine University. Educational activities in Turcology Departments, one of the most preferred department across the country, are carried out with 15 faculty members assigned from Turkey.