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Turcology Summer School Students Received Certificates

14.08.2017 873 Okunma Sayısı


136 Turcology Summer School students received certificates, carried out in collaboration with Hacettepe University in the scope of Turkish Summer School organized by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü for the 8th time,  where 700 students from 57 countries were hosted in 22 cities this year.

33 instructor candidates who graduated from Turcology departments, received their certificates after 4 weeks of difficult training along with Summer School students.

The opening speeches of the program were made by Hacettepe University TÖMER Director Assoc. Dr. Nazmiye Topçu Tecelli, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Turkish Instruction Director Kerim Sarıgül and Turcology Director Tayfun Kalkan. The importance of inter-institutional cooperation was emphasized and it was stressed that the program benefited not only the institutions but also Turkey and that the cultural ties will become stronger through these students. After the opening speeches, Macedonian Burcu Aliyeva and Azerbaijani Islam Mamedov talked about their experiences in and their satisfaction with the Turkish Summer School on behalf of the students.

After the speeches, a short film on activities organized throughout the Turkish Summer School was screened. The students were moved when they saw themselves in the film.

Following the presentation of certificates, ceremony ended after group photo shoots and treats.