YEE President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş On Projects Carried Out by the Enstitü


Yunus Emre Enstitüsü (YEE) President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş appeared as an on-air guest on Spor&Spor show broadcast on Ülke TV and gave information about the projects carried out in line with the goals and objectives of the Enstitü.

Relaying that Yunus Emre Foundation established by the Republic of Turkey as a public foundation in order to improve Turkey's prestige, recognition and popularity abroad, has achieved these goals with YEE, Ateş expressed that the number of people abroad in connection with Turkey has been increased and an infrastructure through which activities in favour of Turkey can be carried out, has been established. Ateş explained that YEE founded in 2009 for Turkey to make itself heard better in the international arena, extended initially over the Balkans and later over Europe, America and Far East and has opened 54 cultural centres on 5 continents.

Marking that YEE, which exclusively focused on Turkish instruction during its establishment years, continues its activities around five basic axes, namely cultural events, cultural diplomacy, institutional capacity and science diplomacy in addition to Turkish instruction, Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş also gave information about the projects Enstitü currently carries out.

We will host 1000 students in Turkey for Turkish Summer School

Ateş underlined that one of these projects is "Turkish Summer School" where young people from 54 cultural centres and universities abroad with which YEE has agreements, are hosted in Turkey for a month and guest students get to know Turkey and Turkish culture directly in addition to receiving crash Turkish instruction. Enstitü President Şeref Ateş, who also stated that there are three novelties in the summer school which will be held this year, informed that a group of approximately one thousand people will be hosted in Turkey including those who aspire to learn Turkish only, the most successful trainees of the archery courses, the young people who are interested in Turkish cinema and those who want to learn about Turkish arts.

Cultural interaction Furthers with Kemankeş Project

Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş who commentated on Kemankeş Project, YEE has realized in collaboration with the Archers Foundation, underlined that with this project Turkey's local and national values are revealed while a common synergy is established with the countries involved in the project and cultural interaction can only be achieved in this way. Addressing the importance of ensuring interaction by relaying the philosophy of archery next to sportive activities with the project, Ateş also informed that the project will be supported academically with seminars organized in countries where project is carried out.

100 thousand People Learn Turkish Online

Ateş relayed that in countries where there are no Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres, they serve individuals who aspire to learn Turkish with the Turkish Language Instruction Portal, and they have reached 100 thousand users from 159 countries within a year.

Ateş expressed that 2018-2019 goal of the Turkish Instruction Portal is to reach 500 thousand users which will be promoted on Wednesday, February 21st in an event to be participated by Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Prof. Dr. Numan Kurtulmuş.

Turkey's Science and Mobile Mathematics Museum

Emphasizing the importance of science diplomacy in his statement, Ateş said that Mobile Mathematics Museum aimed at Syrian children between ages 6-18 who are under protection in temporary shelters in Turkey, is a project that serves this purpose.

Offering a distinct reality experience with thirty-five special mathematical formula stations with the aim of improving children's mathematical skills, the Mobile Mathematics Museum set off with the goal of reaching 45 thousand people and the museum will contribute to global promotion of Turkey's capacity and means in scientific, academic and technological fields.

Cultural Interaction to be Furthered with New Projects

Enstitü President Prof. Ateş who commented on the projects to be carried out in collaboration with Ministry of European Union, said that projects based on intercultural interaction realized by Enstitü with the grants received from Europe, will be carried out by way of cultural institutions in Turkey.