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Strategy Development

Strategy Development Directorate of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü takes the responsibility of determining the strategies and policies regarding which procedures, tools and sources the institute shall use in its actions and at which period of time it shall perform them in the cooperation with the related units.

The directorate performs such duties as preparing the strategic planning of the institution in this framework, creating the annual budget and action plan, doing pre-studies to open culture centers and determining the locations of these culture centers by working coordinately with institutions and in house units, forming country and regional strategies, making productivity analysis in the light of data and reports received from culture centers and units, in doing so offering suggestions to the administration, preparing the annual report of the institution.


Director: Bülent UÇPUNAR

Phone: +90 312 309 11 88

E-mail: stratejigelistirme@yee.org.tr