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Turkish Education

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Turkish Instruction Directorate maintains and supports teaching Turkish as a foreign language in Turkish Culture Centres and other institutions that offer services in various regions of the world. In line with this objective, Turkish Education Directorate develops required curriculum and material aimed at different age groups in the international arena; organizes certification programs and in-service training seminars for establishment of training environments, determination of training standards, and training of teaching staff. Including Turkish as an elective language course in the curriculum of public schools of respective countries and cooperating with institution and organizations that operate in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners, are among its responsibilities. Each year, Turkish Summer School is organized for a number of foreign students invited from various countries to provide them with the opportunity of improving their Turkish skills and to get further acquainted with Turkish culture.


Director: Kerim SARIGÜL

Telephone Number: +90 312 309 11 88 / 1083

E-mail: yetem@yee.org.tr