10th Anniversary Concert with Ömer Faruk Tekbilek in Nicosia


Yunus Emre Institute's Nicosia Branch has been conducting its activities at its office in the historical Selimiye Quarter in the walled city in the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus since 2014  by giving Turkish language courses and bringing Turkey's cultural, historical and artistic heritage to trainees at its library, conference hall and art workshop.

Attending national and international events and festivals held across the country with the mission of promoting Turkey with proper resources and organizing concerts, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions to ensure interaction between artists, intellectuals and scientists from Turkey and the Cypriot people, Yunus Emre Institute's Nicosia Branch has recently hosted the 10th Anniversary Special Concert by Ömer Faruk Tekbilek, held within the framework of the festivities for the 10th anniversary of establishment of Yunus Emre Institute.

During the concert held at Golden Tulip Hotel in the capital, bağlama and ney (reed flute) virtuoso Ömer Faruk Tekbilek was accompanied by Turkish musicians Mehmet Bahadır Şener (qanun) and Murat Tekbilek (drum and percussion), Italian musician Federico Ferrandina (guitar), Greek musicians Ioannis Dimitriadis (keyboard) and Christos Lampropoulos (vocal), and Israeli musician Shlomo Deshet (battery).

Tekbilek performed his popular compositions, such as Hasret, Aşk, I Love You and Last Moments of Love, giving a memorable night to music lovers.