15 Supplementary Reading Materials within the Mini Library Series

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Yunus Emre Institute presents 15 supplementary reading materials for those who learn and teach Turkish as a foreign language. The Institute have created a 15-book set by transforming the series of "Dede Korkut Stories", "Stories of Anatolia" and "Yunus Emre: Voice of Turkish" into pocketbooks.


In the Yunus Emre: Voice of Turkish series, the legendary life of Yunus Emre, one of the pioneers of Turkish poetry, is provided to those interested through books compiled in three different levels.

Yunus Emre's journey to dervishhood is explained in these books which emphasize the importance of "breath" in this period of pandemic where we understood the value of health better. The Institute, which brings the name and philosophy of Yunus Emre to all four corners of the world just like a torch, aims to establish deep bonds with the students who learn Turkish at every level and tell the students the journey of divine love of Yunus, one of our immortal poets, with these books.


Seven of the Dede Korkut Stories, which are characterized as the product of the Turkish nation's joint brilliance and taste, have been adapted to B1 and B2 levels by the experts of the Institute. During the adaptation, various simplified texts, one of which is prepared by Orhan Şaik Gökyay and the other by Muharrem Ergin, were used to maintain the uniqueness and lyricism of the stories.

The stories, which have been adapted for intermediate level students in terms of vocabulary and structure, were illustrated according to the chronology. In the final section, the evaluation questions regarding the stories were included besides the activities in relation to the grammar structures and vocabulary in the text. The Dede Korkut Stories are comprised of the following stories:

How Basat Killed Goggle-eye

Boghach Khan Son of Dirse Khan

How the Outer Oghuz Rebelled against the Inner Oghuz and How Beyrek Died

Segrek Son of Ushun Koja

Emren Son of Begil

Wild Dumrul Son of Dukha Koja

Bamsi Beyrek of the Grey Horse


The Stories of Anatolia, which answers the reading material need for the adults who learn Turkish as a foreign language, which has an important role in language teaching, and which has been prepared by utilizing cultural interaction, blends together different forms of stories and conversations in the Turkish literature and the literary wealth of the Anatolian culture.

The Stories of Anatolia was prepared in A1-A2 levels for the purposes of teaching Turkish in an enjoyable, easy and permanent manner. Evaluation questions as well as activities in relation to the grammar structures and vocabulary in the text are included in the final section of the stories, which include five books that have a plot that keeps the interest of the readers alive, and which address the students' world of thought and emotion.

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