300-year-old Qur'an on Display in Mostar


In cooperation with Mostar Cultural Center, Yunus Emre Institute's Mostar Institute has launched an exhibition entitled "Touching the Heart with the Qur'an" consisting of 114 works from the Holy Qur'an collection of poet and writer Nusret Omerika.

The opening ceremony held on Monday, April 29 at Mostar Cultural Center was attended by Vice Consul in Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Mostar Bilal Köse, Mostar Pedagogy Institute Director Enisa Gološ, Mostar Library Director Rasim Prguda, Herzegovina Museum Director Asım Krhan, Herzegovina Archive Director Mumin Išić and many guests.

At the beginning of the program, Prof. Emin Tučović, who lectures at Karagöz Bey Madrasa, recited passages from the Holy Qur'an, and then, collector Nusret Omerika explained how he created his collection. Omerika noted that he has some 3,000 books in his library. "200 of them are our holy books. We chose to exhibit 114 of them here. Each of them had a very interesting story. For instance, I had to inch through Istanbul's narrow streets to buy one, but I forgot it on the bus, and I had traveled to the remotest corners of the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina to buy another... Out of 114 Holy Qur'an books, six are manuscripts. Three were decorated with gold foils. Some of them are bounded using the art of marbling while others are embellished with gilding," he said.

After Prof. Suljo Čikotić from Karagöz Bey Madrasa and Dr. Ahmet Hušić from the Pedagogy Institute delivered speeches on the Holy Qur'an and reading, the collection consisting of dozens of Holy Qur'an books in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and German from numerous countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina.