57th Regiment Commemorated with Gallipoli Symphony


Symphony No. 2, "Gallipoli - The 57th Regiment," composed by Can Atilla, has been presented to the taste of music lovers during the classical music concert "Gallipoli," held in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

The concert held in the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow on May 27 as part of the 2019 Turkey-Russia Mutual Culture and Tourism Year was performed by Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, conducted by one of Turkey's leading conductors, Burak Tüzün, the director of Hacettepe University Symphony Orchestra and a lecturer at Ankara State Conservatory.

The symphony depicts the heroic deeds of the 57th Regiment which was entrusted with the defense of the Dardanelles, the role of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the defense, and his remarks for the families of the Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) troops who died in the war. Soprano Angela Ahıskal and solo violoncellist Serdar Rasul accompanied the orchestra.

The event, attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Moscow Mehmet Samsar and composer Can Atilla as well as Turkish and Russian guests, sent a strong message for peace and friendship.