855th Death Anniversary of Khawaca Ahmad Yasawi is Commemorated in Johannesburg

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

First great Turkish Sufi in history, Khawaca Ahmad Yasawi is commemorated in Johannesburg, the capital of the Republic of South Africa. Johannesburg Yunus Emre Institute is organizing a series of events for the commemoration of Khawaca Ahmad Yasawi's 855th death anniversary.

Notebly Kazakhstan Embassy and non-governmental organizations such as Thembekile Mandela Foundation will be the organizing participants in the inter-school essay contest and award ceremony that will be organized for the 855th death anniversary of Khawaca Ahmad Yasawi.

The essay contest that will be held between September 1 and December 31, 2021 between the schools in Johannesburg and Praetoria will end with the award ceremony and presentation of certificates in December.


Within the scope of the commemoration program, Khawaca Ahmad Yasawi's book called "Divan-ı Hikmet" (The Book of Wisdom), which includes the oldest examples of Turkish Sufi literature, is planned to be translated into Turkish as well as Kazakh and English. The book, which will include the Turkish, Kazakh and English translations in a single volume, is intended to be presented to the executives who represent the South African authorities, diplomatic missions, scholars and students. With the presentation of Divan-ı Hikmet in three languages, it is aimed to contribute to the introduction of Khawaca Ahmad Yasawi, the commonly shared value of the Turkish world, to the entire world.