Anthology of Yunus Emre by Derya Türkan

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Berlin Yunus Emre Institute created an anthology of Yunus Emre with the famous classical kemancha artist Derya Türkan to be published on all digital music platforms. 

The kemancha virtuoso Derya Türkan created a special work within the scope of the works carried out by the Berlin Yunus Emre Institute Berlin due to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) declaration of 2021 as the year of Yunus Emre. As part of working with the artist Derya Türkan, a special anthology of "Yunus Emre Poems" was prepared to be published on all digital music platforms.

Many valuable works were added to the list by Derya Türkan for the project that has been prepared for the 700th death anniversary of Yunus Emre, one of the linchpins of Turkish language and culture. The playlist was shared via the social media accounts of the Institute with the hashtags #YunusEmreyiDinliyorum, #IchHöreYunusEmre and is available in international digital music platforms that have millions of subscribers, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.


Derya Türkan summarized the aim of the project as follows: "As an anthology, I prepared the music that is composed via or inspired by the poems of Yunus Emre with the help of Berlin Yunus Emre Institute in order to summarize the beauties given to our music and the contributions made to many different music genres by Yunus Emre. In this anthology, you can find the select works both from türkü (Turkish folk song) and modern music works composed via the poems of Yunus Emre and from the works of Sufism.


Besides the well-known names, the playlist also includes works of Turkish classical music and contemporary works. The following works are included in the playlist: "Ben Bu Meclislerde İbretler Gördüm" by Bora Yılmaz, "Psaumes de Yunus Emre -Unicité" by Kudsi Ergüner and Yusuf Bilgin, "Ben Yürürüm Yane Yane" by Ahmet Özhan, "Aşkın Aldı Benden Beni" by Tülay German, "İşitin Ey Ulular" by Erkan Oğur, and "Yunus Emre Oratoryosu-Ağlamaktır Benim İşim" by Fazıl Say and Senem Demircioğlu.

You can listen to the Yunus Emre Poetry Anthology created by Derya Türkan via the @yeeberlinTR Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram accounts of Berlin Yunus Emre Institute.


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