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Art and Cinema Talk with Tayfun Pirselimoğlu in Vienna

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On Sunday, May 8, 2022, Vienna Yunus Emre Institute brought together the talk of painter, writer, screenwriter, and director Tayfun Pirselimoğlu on art and cinema with people concerned.

Pirselimoğlu, who is a guest of an exhibition “Poetry of a Stranger”  to be held within the institute, is more known for his painting and literature, as well as his directing.  Focusing on his approach to art and cinema in the talk, the director talked about how he started in cinema, what stages he went through and where he positioned this art.


Emphasizing that his cinema is different from industrial cinema, the director said, “There is an inviolable agreement between the film and the audience. In industrial cinema, the audience is told what to find in the movie, and movies are generally designed to satisfy the audience. But the cinema I made appeals to the perception of a smaller group.’’

Noting that the audience of art films was getting smaller and smaller, Pirselimoğlu stated that he was more pessimistic about the future. Mentioning that the supply-demand balance has changed, the director stated that even the world's leading festivals no longer observe quality as before and that they have evaluated cinema not as art, but according to this supply-demand balance. Referring to the details in his cinema, such as acting, scenario, editing, location, and character selection, Pirselimoğlu made suggestions for young filmmakers.

Winner of many domestic and foreign awards, the director received the 'Best Director', 'Best Music' and 'Film-Direction Best Director' awards from the National Feature Film section at the 58th  Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival with his latest film Kerr.



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