Aşık Veysel Commemorated on His 125th Birthday


A photography exhibition and a concert have been organized to mark the 125th anniversary of the birth of Aşık Veysel.

During the event held on November 4, 2019 at the concert hall of Presidential Symphony Orchestra in Ankara in cooperation with Yunus Emre Institute and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ankara, a photography exhibition featuring personal collections of the grandchildren of Aşık Veysel was unveiled and a concert entitled "Veysel," whose art director was Uğur Işık, was given. 

In the exhibition curated by Aşık Veysel's grandchildren Nazender Süzer Gökçe and Gürsel Gökçe, the photographs from Ara Güler, Fikret Otyam, Ergun Çağatay, İsa Çelik, Mustafa Türkyılmaz, Ozan Sağdıç and other famous photographers as well as the photographs from the archives of Anadolu Agency was put on display at the foyer of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

"The presence of our folk poets is source of hope for humanity"

Institute President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş delivered a keynote speech during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, noting that the Institute's main task is to establish a humanitarian bond between Turkey and the countries around the world and bringing two countries together using Aşık Veysel's message to humanity is part of this bond. 

Pointing out that Aşık Veysel was inspired by the wisdom of Anatolia in giving his message to the people of Anatolia and he was characterized with a profound and vast love for humankind, Ateş indicated that the great folk poets who embrace the universe as a whole and prioritize peace is a source of hope for humanity.

"His works are a source of universal wisdom"

During her keynote speech, Marion Erdmann indicated that as a representative of the German Embassy in Ankara, she was honored to share Aşık Veysel's message of peace. "His noble soul continues to be a model for all of us. He was a great humanist and we are commemorating a person who loved people unconditionally. His works are a source of universal and unending wisdom," she said.


The exhibition was followed by the concert "Veysel," in which Uğur Işık acted as the art director and Cengiz Özkan, Gül Yazıcı, Ferruh Avni Yarkın, Mustafa Doğan Dikmen and Umut Sel performed the songs composed by Aşık Veysel. Marion Erdmann, the wife of Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ankara Martin Erdmann, recited Aşık Veysel's poems.