Awards for International Contribution to Turkish Language and Culture

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The "Awards for International Contribution to Turkish and Turkish Culture" will find their owners within the scope of the "2021 Year of Yunus Emre and Turkish" events. Through the awards organization of Yunus Emre Institute, the people, organizations and institutions that introduce Turkish culture via Turkish language and the works created to this end will be released to the world public opinion.

Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) is revealing the people and works that introduce the Turkish culture to the world through Turkish language in 2021, the year included in the list of commemoration and celebration anniversaries by the UNESCO for the 700th death anniversary of Yunus Emre, one of the fundamental building blocks of the Turkish language, culture and civilization. On every occasion, the Institute, which emphasizes that Yunus Emre, who handled the concepts of love for humanity and nature, tolerance, fellowship and peace with the purest form of Turkish in his poems, is a universal value, now forms a new awards organization.

With the "Awards for International Contribution to Turkish and Turkish Culture" organization, Yunus Emre Institute aims to have everyone in the world hear the name of Yunus Emre, who addressed the entire humanity with his poems without discriminating religions, languages and races.


The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey commemorated 2021 as the "Year of Our Yunus" for the purposes of presenting Yunus Emre, who went beyond his era by conjoining the humans around common values with the wisdom he received from the principle and tradition of "seeing 72 nations through a single eye", as a common value for the humankind of the world. For the purposes of emphasizing the importance of the Turkish language, the heritage of Yunus Emre, who managed to become a poet that could appeal to all times and spaces, and ensuring the conscious and correct usage of the Turkish language with the identity of the civilization, the national and international campaign "Turkish: A World Language" is continuing at full speed. Within the scope of the campaign, Yunus Emre Institute aims to release to the world public opinion the people, organizations and institutions that aim to promote values of the Turkish nation through the Turkish language and the qualified works that need to be revealed through Awards for International Contribution to Turkish and Turkish Culture.


Awards for International Contribution to Turkish and Turkish Culture organization aims to be informed about the works that are carried out in service of the Turkish language and culture anywhere in the world, to promote such works internationally, and to encourage similar works in the future. The awards organization intends to establish and develop bonds of friendship between peoples, societies and cultures via the Turkish language and culture and to promote internationally the values of the Turks who extended their hands in friendship all around the world throughout the history. With this organization, the Institute aims to create role models by sharing the stories of people who strive for keeping the Turkish consciousness alive with the public and plans to have projects that will contribute to learning Turkish as a foreign language. Increasing the national and international recognition of the YEI's activities and introducing future generations to Turkish, the language of tolerance and peace, and the works in this language are amongst the goals of the awards organization.


The works and activities that will be evaluated within the scope of the Awards for International Contribution to Turkish and Turkish Culture include scientific publications, copyrighted works, translation works, works of art, products and activities created in digital media, and original activities towards creating awareness in the fields of Turkish language, literature, history, culture, art and thought.


Yunus Emre Institutes, foreign missions, and any institution or organization that witness the works in relation to Turkish language and culture anywhere around the world  can nominate candidates for the said awards. Persons, organizations and institutions that have works in relation to the Turkish language and culture can be nominated for the awards.


Based on the quality of the works or activities, a total of 70,000 USD (seventy thousand US Dollars) will be distributed amongst the persons, organizations and institutions that are evaluated upon their application for the works they produced or activities they performed within the framework of contributing to the Turkish language and culture and qualified for awards by the Evaluation Committee.


Application Dates: July 1-October 15, 2021
Pre-Evaluation: October 16-30, 2021
Determination of Award Winners: November 1-5, 2021
Announcement of Results and Award Ceremony: November 15, 2021

Please use the links below for the conditions and the application form for the awards.

Candidate nomination form will later be announced on our Institute website for the awards.

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