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Coffee Lovers Designs Coffee Mugs in Cologne

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

The winners of the competition, organized by the Yunus Emre Institute in Cologne, where coffee lovers designed their own Turkish coffee cups, have been announced.

The winners of the digital design competition "Design Your Coffee", initiated by the Cologne Yunus Emre Institute throughout Germany, have been announced. State Artist, who is a master of miniature art, Suna Koçal was the head of the jury in the competition. Kocal announced the winners on the Culture TV broadcast of Yunus Emre Institute Cologne.

The competition, in which the emphasis was placed on symbolically reflecting the Turkish coffee cup by establishing a link between the patterns of Eastern and Western cultures, was held within the scope of the 60th anniversary of the migration from Turkey to Germany.

Among the most beautiful and successful designs, Alsu Yılmaz was selected for the first place, Ayşe Bostan and Walid Zroud for the second place, and Eva Kowak for the third place. Zehra Yılmaz and Ayşe Karakoç were deemed worthy of honorable mention.

At the award ceremony, which was held digitally due to the pandemic, our state artist Suna Koçal presented the winners after a short introductory speech. The winning contestants participating in the broadcast also shared their designs, feelings and thoughts about the competition.

You can access the Culture TV broadcast from this link.


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