Colors of Turkic World Mesmerize Romanians


Tattimbet Orchestra of Traditional Instruments from Kazakhstan has brought the songs of Turkic world to Romanian art lovers.

The first concert in the series organized by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY) on the 10th anniversary of establishment of Yunus Emre Institute was held on Tuesday, July 30 at Jean Constantin Multi-Functional Youth Training Center.

Yunus Emre Institute's Constanța Branch Deputy Director Seher Korucu indicated that as Yunus Emre Institute's Bucharest and Constanța branches, they were glad to see the interest shown by the Romanian people, and stressed that they took pride in marking the 10th anniversary of the Institute, which aims to promote Turkish language and Turkey's heritage abroad, together with the Romanian people.

TÜRKSOY Secretary General Bilal Çakıcı delivered a speech during the event held in Bucharest National Theater next day, and pointed out that they would contribute to the promotion of the music of the Turkic world and reinforcement of the intercultural peace, friendship and dialogue.

The soloist and 50-member orchestra of the Turkish world performed the songs in traditional attire, accompanied with folk dances, under the direction of Kazakhstan's veteran artist Düsen Ükibay.

Named after the famous Kazakh compose and dombra player Tattimbet Kazangapuli, Tattimbet Orchestra of Traditional Instruments featured soloists Gulmira Tapay and Daurenbek Arkenov from Kazakhstan as well as Sahib Pashazade (Tar) from Azerbaijan, Dinara Tilekeeva (Komuz) from Kyrgyzstan and Ahmet Baran (Kanun) from Turkey, and Akku Dans Ensemble staged folk dances, mesmerizing the audience.

Romanians accompanied Tattimbet Orchestra of Traditional Instruments with applause during the concept. The orchestra will continue to bring diverse songs and dances to Romanians during the Hora International Folklore Festival in Vaslui.