"Colours of Anatolia-KADEŞ Musical" Continues the World Tour in India


Yunus Emre Institute continues its culture-arts tour named "Colours of Anatolia" began in 2017, in New Delhi.

Yunus Emre Institute that has introduced Turkish culture, art and history in more than 50 cultural centres and 139 contact points it has opened in various points of the world since 2009, held KADEŞ musical within the framework of Turcology Project it has carried out in India which was met with great enthusiasm and interest in New Delhi.

The colourful musical background and folk dances of Anatolia reached an audience of 650 people at the show held in Dr. Ansari Auditorium located in Jamia Millia University where visiting lecturers from Turkey also give lectures. The show that began with colourful local motiffs of Anatolia and ended with an Indian Bollywood style dance show, was applauded for minutes.

Speaking at the opening of the show, Turkish Ambassador to India Şakir Özkan Torunlar gave extensive information about the first written peace treaty "KADEŞ" which was made on Anatolian lands and gave the show its name. Ambassador Torunlar emphasized the importance Enstitü's activities at Jamia Milllia University, which has an important place in relations between the two countries, and informed the participants on activities Yunus Emre Institute carries out around the world.

The show was attended by Jamia Milla University Vice Rector Prof. Shahid Ashraf, International Relations Coordinator of the University Mukresh Ranjan, and the Head of the Persian Language Department Abdulhalim Aghar.