Festival Enthusiasm of Korean Kids


The last iteration of the "Children's Festival" has been held for Korean kids, opening the door to a technology-free world of fun for kids with traditional street games and art workshops.  

The Children's Festival, organized by Yunus Emre Institute in cooperation with the Directorate General of Youth Services of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ankara University's Children Culture Implementation and Research Center, was held in Seoul, the capital of Korea.

Having previously held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, Amman (Jordan), Doha (Qatar), and Madrid (Spain), the Children's Festival's last destination was South Korea. With its motto "Kids, Let's Go Out," the Children's Festival aims to improve physical and mental skills of kids through traditional street games. Korean kids showed great interest in the festival.

During the festival organized in Doosan Primary School in Seoul between June 20 and 21, the Korean children were introduced to workshops using the materials brought from Turkey and to traditional street games, and had two unforgettable days.

Booting their creativity at the mask and spinning top painting workshops, the kids put their hand skills to the task while making pinwheels and spoon dolls. They were given cubic puzzles, containing the figures from the monument developed for the Year of Göbeklitepe, to paint and enjoyed the festival with traditional games, including handkerchief snatching, hopscotch, and spinning top.