Folk Instruments of Turkic World Showcased in Moscow


The tunes of the Turkic world have been staged in the international music festival entitled, "Friends, We Come Together," organized in Moscow.

During the program, soloist İrfan Gürdal, from the Turkish World Music Ensemble of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey, was accompanied by rhythmist Şamil Ersöz, and the musical instruments of the Turkic world such as  Dombıra, Iklıg, Üç Telli, Kengirge and Saz were introduced and local tunes were sampled.  

The program was held by Yunus Emre Institute's Moscow Branch at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory as part of the Year of Culture and Tourism between Turkey and Russia on August 25, 2019. As an instrument maker, Gürdal described the history and cultural background of each instrument he played.