Future of Cultural Diplomacy Discussed


The Cultural Diplomacy Vision Development and National Capacity Building Coordination meeting has been held with the participation of Turkey's leading academics, writers, journalists and representatives of civil society organizations.

Established with a view to promoting Turkey and Turkish language, culture, history and art around the world and engaging with people from diverse countries via this heritage, Yunus Emre Institute has been undertaking various projects under the Cultural Diplomacy Academy, founded to support Turkey's public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy efforts, with full steam.

The meeting was held to discuss how to shape the future of the Applied Cultural Diplomacy Training Program, organized by the Cultural Diplomacy Academy with the intention of raising the cultural diplomats of the 21st century, formulating the principles of Turkey's people-oriented diplomacy tradition, and equipping young, ambitious and dexterous professionals from different professions and disciplines with the citizen diplomat notion.

The Cultural Diplomacy Vision Development and National Capacity Building Coordination meeting, was held at Yunus Emre Institute's Istanbul Training Center, chaired by Yunus Emre Institute President Şeref Ateş and moderated by Ayşe Böhürler, and it was attended by Alev Alatlı, Babür Turna, Bekir Karlığa, Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, Görgün Taner, Günseli Kato, Havva Kök Arslan, İlber Ortaylı, Melih Barut and Uluç Özülker.

The Cultural Diplomacy Academy was established in 2016 within Yunus Emre Institute to shape the practical, impact-oriented national cultural diplomacy policies and raise the Cultural Diplomats of the 21st Century in line with Turkey's foreign policy priorities and within the scope of Yunus Emre Institute's mission, and the meeting sought answers to the question of how to convert the capacity developed within the framework of the academy into a national one.