Grab This Chance for Summer and Learn Turkish


Tens of thousands of people learn Turkish using Yunus Emre Institute's Turkish Teaching Portal, developed to eliminate the problems of lack of time or place for leaning Turkish.

253,000 people from 194 counties have signed up for the portal free of charge so far and started to learn Turkish since February 2017. The portal also serve to the international students who have come to Turkey to study as well as foreign nationals living in our country, facilitating their socialization and social integration.

All you need is a computer

The system allows anyone who has access to the Internet to learn Turkish with a self-paced system and offers content for A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels in compliance with the European Language Portfolio criteria. The portal hosts dozens of different teaching activities designed to improve reading, listening, writing and speaking skills and making learning Turkish fun. In the Turkish Teaching Portal, many modules contain grammar, video and free zone activities and the score, ranking, market and game-based activities are offered to turn language learning into an enjoyable process. The social media sharing feature that allows system users to follow each other creates sweet competition among users. Instructor support and live courses are planned to be included in the system soon. The system can use Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian user interfaces.

Eliminating the need for instructors and classrooms and offering 24-hour, unlimited access, the portal is compatible with mobile device and can be used with PCs, tablets or smartphones easily and smoothly.

If you seek to make the most of summer months without straining your budget, you can start learning Turkish and discover new things while learning by visiting or .

To watch the promotional videos in 22 different languages, please click the following link: