​​​​​​​Harmony of Turkish and Albanian met at Pristina Dam Festival!

Organized with the support of Yunus Emre Institute, the 15th International DAM Festival brought together young musicians from all over the world. Intercultural bridges are established with the festival, which has an important place in Kosovo's cultural and artistic life.

Kosova'nın başkenti Priştine'de Uluslararası DAM Festivali’nin bu yıl 15’incisi düzenlendi.

DAM Müzik Festivali'nde bu yıl Kosova Türk Toplumu'nun önde gelen sanatçılarından Ebru JILTA’da yer aldı. 

The 15th International DAM Festival was held this year in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

Ebru Jılta, one of the leading artists of the Turkish Comnunity of Kosovo, took part in the 15th International DAM Music Festival held this year with the participation of artists from different countries of the world. 

Singing songs in Albanian and Turkish, Jılta was highly appreciated for her performance. 

Commenting on the concert, Director of Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Mehmet Ülker, PhD, pointed to the importance of cultural and artistic events to keep a society alive during his speech and said that this area would be supported further so as to strengthen the cultural bond between the two countries.


Ebru Jılta, the artist from Pristina, expressed her regards to Yunus Emre Institute for its support to her participation in the festival at the end of the concert. 

Jılta emphasized that music was an instrument connecting cultures.


Hosting various events in March and July, the festival made the second opening on the 7th of October after the first one in spring. Conductor of Kosovo Philarmonic, TV producer and organizer of the festival, Dardan Selimaj stated that other events would be organized under the festival until the end of this year and, therefore, they did not specify any closing date for the festival. 


Dardan Selimaj said that this year's festival was different from those in previous years due to the corona pandemic. Selimaj stated that they named the theme of the festival as "TECTONIC" due to the corona pandemic affecting the entire world in order to emphasize that many things in the world and our plans could change at any time. Lending its name to the branch of geology examining changes in earth strata and their relations with each other, tectonics is introduced as the theme of the festival so as to highlight changes in the corona pandemic. Selimaj said that they planned DAM Festival differently from those organized in previous years. The famous conductor emphasized that they had the opportunity of reviewing methods of planning and organizing the festival thanks to this new era and their new theme.


Organized since 2006 in order to enrich the cultural life in Kosovo and establish bridges between countries, DAM Festival brings together international young musicians and art-lovers. The first Dam Festival was organized by Dardan Selimaj, the famous TV producer, musician, journalists and also the Conductor of Kosovo Philarmonic. Selimaj was a student when he first organized the festival.





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