"The Hittite Empire and Its Written Sources" Conference Held in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Yunus Emre Institute organized an important conference about the Hittite Empire, one of the ancient civilizations of Anatolia. Written sources of the Hittites and their role in history were discussed during the conference.

Amsterdam Yunus Emre Institute held a very informative conference about the Hittite Empire.  Held on September 17, 2020, the conference shed light on the history of the Hittite Empire, one of the ancient civilizations of Anatolia.

During the program named "The Hittite Empire and Its Written Sources", which succeeded the conference on Göbeklitepe and Troy, Dr. Willemijn de Waal, Lecturer at Leiden University, spoke about key events and moments in the history of the Hittite civilization.

During the conference, Dr. Waal presented many examples of inscriptions on clay tablets. Documents on the Hittite culture as well as the lifestyle and beliefs in the Hittite civilization were discussed. The conference also covered the history of many events both in times of war and peace as well as Hattuşa (Boğazkale), the capital of the Hittite Empire, and its history.


Dr. Waal also talked about the relationship of the Hittites with the Egyptians. The Battle of Kadesh, which broke out between the two countries in 1274 BC, and the clay tablet on which the famous peace treaty signed between the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II and the Hittite king Hattusili in 1259 BC was written were some of the key topics discussed. The clay tablet, the original of which is in Istanbul Archeology Museum, is regarded as the first peace treaty in the history of mankind, and a replica of the tablet is exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters.

The stories of the reign of the Hittite king Šuppiluliuma and of Mursili II, one of the former's sons who succeeded him, were also narrated at the conference. The great difficulties that King Mursili II had been exposed to due to the epidemic that claimed the lives of many in 20 years and the king's prayers vis-a-vis the epidemic were among the interesting details shared during the conference.