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Jordanian Princes Visit in Turkey

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

As Turkey's leading cultural diplomacy powerhouse conducting multifaceted activities around the globe, Yunus Emre Institute is now hosting members of the Jordanian royal family in Turkey.

Prince Asım Bin Nayef Bin Abdullah I (71) and Prince Abbas Bin Nayef Bin Abdullah I (41), who are learning Turkish at Yunus Emre Institute's Amman Branch, have been invited to Turkey along with their family as part of the activities for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Yunus Emre Institute. The Jordanian delegation of prince and princesses, who will attend the 10th anniversary event to be held on Saturday, May 4 in Istanbul, has visited historical and cultural sites in Konya and Nevşehir ahead of the program.

Prince Asım, a descendant of the Ottoman dynasty (the son of Mihrimah Sultan, the granddaughter of Sultan Mehmed V), is known for his close interest in Turkey and Turkish. Prince Abbas Bin Ali Bin Nayef Bin Abdullah I (the grandson of Mihrimah Sultan), who has been learning Turkish at Yunus Emre Institute's Amman Branch since October 2018, is attending the program with his wife and son.