July 15th Commemorated around the World


Echoes of the events staged by Yunus Emre Institute continueat its branches around the world within the scope of July 15thcommemorations. The digital photography exhibition organized by the Serbian branch of the institution remains open.

Martyrs of the treacherous coup attempt of July 15th were commemorated at Yunus Emre Institutes with various events. Commemorative events were held in many countries that included Serbia, Romania, Egypt and South Africa. July 15th-themed photography exhibitions were opened by Yunus Emre Institute in numerous countries including Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania and South Africa. The digital photography exhibition opened in Serbia will run throughout the year.


Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute organized the “Rise of the National Will” exhibition under the auspices of the T.R Nicosia Embassy in Hala Sultan Mosque on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the attempted coup of July 15th.

In the exhibition, uniquely striking photos taken by the Anatolia Agency were presented to visitors. Nicosia’s Ambassador for Turkey, Ali Murat Başçeri, Acting President of the Assembly of the Republic, Zorlu Töre, invitees and the general public participated in the opening organized in Hala Sultan Mosque. Nicosia’s Ambassador for Turkey thanked the Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute for staging such a beautiful exhibition, together with the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, as it has the pleasure of doing each year. Acting President of the Assembly of the Republic, Zorlu Töre stated that the Turkish Nation withstood the coup attempt on the night of July 15th with the resistance embodied by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, emphasizing their strong advocacy of national will and sovereignty. A tour of the exhibition was taken and the program ended with an Islamic memorial service for martyrs held in Hala Sultan Mosque.


A digital picture exhibition was opened in the Balkan country of Serbia within the scope of July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day. A Koranic prayer was said for the martyrs of July 15th.

The exhibition, comprising photos related to the night of the coup attempted by Gülenist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), was opened for viewing in both Turkish and Serbian languages, with the online event organized by the Belgrade Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) in cooperation with Turkey’s Embassy in Belgrade. Ahead of this exhibition, which can be visited in the virtual environment throughout the year, an online meeting was held with representatives of Turkish institutions in the country, whereupon the exhibition was officially opened. In a speech delivered here, Belgrade’s Ambassador for Turkey, Tanju Bilgiç stated that July 15th was the prime example of Turkey embracing its democracy. He underlined that the determination, resolve and resistance demonstrated by the Turkish Nation on July 15th would be remembered down the years. Bilgiç indicated that they commemorated this honourable moment in the history of the Turkish nation annually in Serbia with different events, which have now moved to the digital platform this year in light of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the event was again held at the July 15th Library established by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate (TİKA) in Novi Pazar, where the Bosnian population in Serbia had predominantly lived. A Koranic prayer was said for the martyrs of July 15th. You may view the digital exhibition on this link.


A tree was planted in commemoration of the martyrs of July 15th in the Fatıma Guniç School, which continues its Turkish education with the "I Prefer Turkish Project" under the auspices of Sarajevo’s Ambassador for Turkey within the scope of July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day events. In the event organized by the Yunus Emre Institute, 15 saplings were planted with the participation of representatives of stakeholder bodies and organizations.

During the commemoration day events, which continued with the opening of an exhibition of around 40 photographs taken by photo-journalists and reporters of Anatolian Agency (AA), those writers of compositions who made it to the top 3 in the contest entitled “July 15th: Turkey’s Democracy Victory”, and organized jointly by the Turkish Republic Sarajevo Education Undersecretariat and Yunus Emre Institute, were awarded.

An online commemorative event took place at the end of the day with the participation of Bosnian Member and President of Bosnia Herzegovina State Presidency Council Şefik Caferoviç. Joining the online event by video conference, Caferoviç said, “I honour the memory our martyrs treacherously killed that night. We remember today the heroism shown by the Turkish nation that night, unprecedented in modern history. Such a nation would never yield to anyone’s orders. All democratic institutions and Turkey itself must learn a lesson from this; one never to be forgotten. This treacherous coup attempt was the attempt of the FETÖ terrorist organization to seize power against the will of the people by resorting to brute force and cruelty. I stress again on this occasion that Bosnia Herzegovina was one of the first countries to support the legitimately elected government and the people of Turkey without hesitation.”



Our citizens martyred in the heinous coup attempt were commemorated on July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day with a series of events organized by the Consulate General of Mostar and Mostar Yunus Emre Institute.

First of all, four saplings were planted in commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the death of our July 15th martyrs, at the Mostar Zalik Primary School. The Principal of the Zalik Primary School, Dzemal Juklo, who spoke at the ceremony stated that, “We witnessed a painful and treacherous coup attempt that four years ago targeted the very democracy of the Republic of Turkey. We witness here today the planting of trees that will withstand the wind, the sun and the rain as a symbol of hope for new lives.”

The Yasin-i Şerif prayer for the martyrs of July 15th was read in Mostar Karagöz Bey Mosqueduring the later hours of the programme.

A moment of silence was observed for the martyrs, whereupon the Turkish and Bosnian National anthems were sung at the ceremony held in the Mostar Yunus Emre Institute. At the ceremony, deputy consul general of Mostar, Gamze Algün stated that the attempted coup of July 15th, where 251 citizens were martyred, was defeated by the democratic resistance and shrewd attitude of the Turkish people and notably, of our President.

In his speech, Institute Manager Yunus Dilber said that the epic resistance shown by Turkish people to safeguard democracy and their country has set an example for the entire world. Yunus Dilber also wished Allah’s mercy upon the martyrs of July 15th on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the July 11th Srebrenica Genocide.

The “July 15th Photograph Exhibition”, which reflects the events of July 15th and the resistance of the people, showcasing the work of Anatolian Agency photojournalists ran at the Yunus Emre Institute until 29 July 2020.


A commemorative ceremony was held on July 15, 2020 in the Official Residence Garden of the Consulate General of Constanza for Turkey with the cooperation of the Constanza Consulate General in Romania and Constanza Yunus Emre Institute. The programme began with a moment of silence for our veterans and martyrs, followed by our national anthem. Then a Koranic chant commemorated our holy martyrs. After that speeches were given on the occasion of July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day, and a cinevision broadcast was played. The commemoration ceremony ended with the photography exhibition entitled “The July 15th Rising of the National Will” which showcased the heroism exhibited by the Turkish people against the coup plotters on July 15th, 2016.


A commemoration event took place on the occasion of July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day under the auspices of the T.R. Bucharest General Consulate, under the organization of the Bucharest Yunus Emre Institute, and hosted by the Romanian Directorate of Turkish Education Foundation. Advisor to Romania’s Minister of the Interior, Celaleddin Nezir, State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Economy Razvan Parjol, General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Antoaneta Barta, Bucharest Sector 6 Mayor Gabriel Mutu, Mufti of Romania Yusuf Murat, Ambassadors and diplomats of Tunisia, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Brazil, Palestine, Turkmenistan, and Malaysia, citizens, celebrated attendees and business people from the local Turkish community, along with Romanian invitees participated in the event.

The Bucharest Ambassador for Turkey, Füsun Aramaz stated that the crimes committed by FETÖ on the night of July 15th were just the tip of the iceberg, and that the illegal means used by the organization were an insult to both humanity and the law. The stealing of examination papers for employment in governmental institutions, extortion, illegal wiretapping, blackmail, fake trials and even murder were examples witnessed over the years.

With the speeches given, the exhibition covering photographs of Anatolian Agency taken on the night of the coup, and the resistance displayed were reanimated in the mind of the viewer.

The event ended smoothly with guests and our Ambassador Füsun Aramaz delighted with the preparations and the programme itself.


Elements of the event entitled “July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day,” and the related programme were realized in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Pristina, coordinated by the Pristina, Prizren and İpek Yunus Emre Institutes in step with precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic outlined by our Embassy in line with the related draft programme. As part of the events, the July 15th Exhibition through the Eyes of Compatriot Painters, "The Painting Contest of July 15th through the Eyes of Children", a Koranic chant in Pristina“ Jashar Pasha” Mosque,the Islamic Memorial Service and Hatim Prayer Programme and “The Network” movie broadcast took place. These programmes received live broadcast support.

An artistic interpretation was provided by Painters Reşit İsmet, Ethem Baymak, Zeynel Beksaç, Davut Hamolar, Erol Şişko, Onat Baymak and Aylin Bırvenik, who captured the events of the night of July 15th and thereafter on canvas.

The exhibition was opened by Pristina Ambassador for Turkey Çağrı Sakar, General Director of the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP) and Acting Head of Parliament Fikrim Damka, Minister for Regional Development Enis Kervan and Kosovo Islamic Union Head Müfti Naim Ternava. Upon the cutting of the ribbon, attendees toured the exhibition, while observing the rules of social distancing.

Those making the top 3 in "The July 15th Through the Eyes of Kosovan Children” competition were awarded. Accordingly, Dilara Gora, Susan Şişko and Rana Damka collected their awards from Pristina Ambassador for Turkey Çağrı Sakar, General Director of the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP) and Acting Head of Parliament Fikrim Damka and the Minister of Regional Development Enis Kervan.

Within the framework of “July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day” events readings were given from the Koran, and an Islamic memorial service was performed, with the Hatim prayer said in Pristina’s Yaşar Pasha Mosque.



Events (photographic exhibition, video broadcast, and commemorative programme) planned within the scope of Commemorative Events of July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day were organized by the Cairo Yunus Emre Institution online in Egypt). Thousands of Egyptian citizens attended the events organized by the institute. Video themed “The Homeland is ours; the Will is Ours”, which contained photos from July 15th, was shared in all social media accounts of the institution.


A commemorative event took place within the scope of “July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day” events under the auspices of the Consulate General for Turkey of Lahore.

A 40-photograph collection of the Anatolian Agency was presented within the scope of the programme. A minute of silence was observed for our martyrs at 10.30 local time, followed by the national anthem and a speech by Consul General Emir Özbay.

The programme, performed with special dispensation from the Punjab government due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was covered in prominent Pakistani newspapers. It was also covered in prominent newspapers including The News, The Business, Business World and Business News. 


A panel on “Commemorating July 15th” and the “July 15th Photograph Exhibition” was opened with the Anatolian Agency on the anniversary of July 15th at the Johannesburg Yunus Emre Institute, in the Mandela Conference and Exhibition Hall. Pretoria’s Ambassador for Turkey, Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen and the Provincial Police Chief of July 15th, Metin Özkan were speakers on the panel, presided over by the Coordinator of the Johannesburg Yunus Emre Institute.

At the opening, Ambassador Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen touched upon the importance of the photographic exhibition of Anatolian Agency photographs in comprehending the events of the night of July 15th.

The photographic Exhibition of July 15th ran in the Johannesburg Yunus Emre Institute until July 31, 2019.