Kemankeş Project in its 3rd year


The activities under the Kemankeş (Archers) Project, first implemented on October 19, 2017 by Yunus Emre Institute in collaboration with the Archers' Foundation, continue apace. Within the scope of the project which kicked off with the motto, "Turkish Archery on the World Stage," project-related activities commenced in 10 more countries where Yunus Emre Institute was active, and activities were conducted in 26 countries in 2019.

The Kemankeş Project was first started to be implemented at Yunus Emre Institute's branches in 16 countries in 2018: Germany (Berlin), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar), Morocco (Rabat), Palestine (Ramallah), Iran (Tehran), Japan (Tokyo), Qatar (Doha), Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Nicosia), Lebanon (Tripoli), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Egypt (Cairo), Poland (Warsaw), Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Pazar), Sudan (Khartoum) and Jordan (Amman). Archers from the countries in question attended the first two archery training courses.

In line with the talks between Yunus Emre Institute and the Archers' Foundation, the Kemankeş Project was rolled out to 10 more countries where Yunus Emre Institute was active. In this context, Turkish archery training courses were provided in Albania (Tirana), Australia (Melbourne), Azerbaijan (Baku), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Georgia (Tbilisi), Croatia (Zagreb), Montenegro, (Podgorica), Hungary (Budapest), Macedonia (Skopje), Pakistan (Lahore), and Tunisia (Tunis), where Yunus Emre Institute was active.

One hundred trainers

Under the Kemankeş Project, Turkish Archery Training of Trainers programs were held in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The number of people who have attended the programs so far is 100 from 25 countries: 46 people from 16 countries in 2017, 32 people from 16 countries in 2018, and 22 people from 10 countries in 2019. These people started to give training at the traditional Turkish archery courses launched at Yunus Emre Institute's branches in their respective countries.

Traditional Turkish archery courses attract 2,000 trainees

Traditional Turkish archery courses were launched in two terms, namely between February and May 2018, and between September and December 2018 in 16 countries. In total, 1,100 trainees attended these courses.

As the third-term courses were underway in 16 countries as of June 2019, new courses were opened in 10 more countries, pushing the number of countries where the project was implemented to 25. The courses launched in 25 countries between March and June 2019 and between September and December 2019 attracted 800 trainees.

In two years, 2,000 people participated in the Turkish archery courses. The project started to be implemented in Australia in December 2019. In Australia, approximately 100 people enrolled in the courses.

Malaysia wins the competition

On November 4, 2018, 32 trainees who participated the 1st Turkish archery courses in 16 countries attended the 2nd Turkish archery training of trainees program and then, the Kemankeş Project World Mix Finals.  Malaysian archers came the first, followed by teams from German and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Yunus Emre Institute promotes Turkish archery

Under the Kemankeş Project, 10 exhibitions, themed as "Kemankeş Turkish Archery," "Ottoman Era Turkish Archery in Miniatures," "Heritage of Archery in Turkish-Islamic Civilization," and "Turkish Archery in Documents" were between 2018 and 2019 in Jordan, Serbia, Malaysia, China, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary. In addition, Turkish archery was promoted at various festivals.

Turkish archery elective course in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Turkish archery made into the curricula thanks to initiatives by Yunus Emre Institute as part of its efforts to contribute to the international recognition of Turkish archery. Approximately 200 high school students took Turkish archery as an elective course at the Idrissi International School, one of Malaysia's prestigious educational institutions in the academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.