Light Shed on Five-Century-old Ottoman and Indonesian Relations in Jakarta

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Yunus Emre Institute carries out activities that emphasize the common history of Türkiye and other countries through its representatives located in a wide geography abroad.

The Institute, which promotes Türkiye in a qualified manner in various fields, especially culture and arts, and creates an environment of cultural interaction between Türkiye and other countries, organizes activities that shed light on important events on the stage of history.

The exhibition titled "Ottoman-Indonesia Relations in Five Centuries" was opened on February 17th, 2024 by the institute's representative office in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

In "Ottoman-Indonesia Relations in Five Centuries", approximately 110 archive documents reflecting the depth of relations between the two countries from 1567 to 1920 were translated from Ottoman Turkish into Indonesian by Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute and presented to history enthusiasts.

Representatives of Turkish institutions, senior officials from Indonesian organizations and the Indonesian State Archives Institution, history enthusiasts and guests attended the opening of the exhibition held at Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute.

“We shed light on a history of nearly 360 years of Ottoman and Indonesian relations”

In his statement, Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute Coordinator Dr. Cemal Şahin used the following expressions: “As Yunus Emre Institute, we have come a long way with the activities we have implemented to promote and disseminate Turkish culture in Jakarta. In the future, we aim to take our activities to a different dimension in order to emphasize the common cultural elements of the two countries. In our exhibition, we shed light on the nearly 360-year history of Ottoman and Indonesian relations.”

“In our activity, we had the opportunity to host pioneers in their fields and Indonesians who are interested in history. More than a thousand people visited our exhibition. Our visitors had the opportunity to observe the aid provided by the Ottoman Empire to Indonesia with original documents for the first time. In order to make this valuable work more concrete and permanent, we plan to publish a book containing all documents regarding Ottoman and Indonesian relations at the end of the year." Coordinator Şahin said,

The "Five Centuries of Ottoman-Indonesian Relations Exhibition" is planned by the Institute to be held in different places in Jakarta throughout the year.

Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute continues to organize activities throughout Indonesia that reveal the richness of Turkish culture and bring together people who are interested in Türkiye.

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