London Yunus Emre Institute Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

London Yunus Emre Institute has left 10 years behind. In addition to teaching Turkish, the Institute organizes many artistic and cultural events and works hard to promote the Turkish language and culture in the UK.

The 9th of November 2020 marked ten amazing years since Yunus Emre Institute in London first opened its doors in the capital. In addition to Turkish language education, the Institute works hard to showcase Turkish culture and language in the United Kingdom through organising numerous colourful arts and cultural events every year. Established in November 2010, Yunus Emre Institute in London celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year. Today, the Institute continues to be the leading provider of online and formal Turkish language education.


London Yunus Emre Enstitüsü presented their certificates to students who successfully completed the 2018-2019 academic year at a certificate ceremony held on June 18, 2019.

Yunus Emre Institute in London, which has provided Turkish courses to more than 2,000 students so far, continues its Turkish teaching activities both in a physical and digital environment. While nearly 1,000 students have been learning Turkish through the Turkish Teaching Portal, nearly 200 students continue their education online with the online Turkish courses opened within the scope of Yunus Emre Institute in London during the pandemic.



Located in Fitzrovia, central London, the Institute is situated in close proximity to many of London's important cultural centres including the British Museum, the British Library and Russel Group universities. Yunus Emre Institute of London attracts attention not only with its activities, but also with opportunities for educational development. The Institute, which houses 5 Turkish classrooms, 1 exhibition hall and 1 conference hall in its building in Fiztrovia, serves readers and researchers with a library home to more than 10 thousand books. Most weeks, the ground floor of the building is transformed into an exhibition space, where the public can freely access displays of paintings, sculptures, calligraphy and photography.


In order to commemorate the soldiers who participated in the Battle of Gallipoli and their friendship, a concert was given by Turkish and American soloists with the British Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in April at the London Cadogan Hall, with the support of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü and under the auspices of the Presidency on April 5th, 2018.

Through organising and offering Turkish cultural activities and events, Yunus Emre Institute in London promotes friendship ties in the cultural sphere. To date, the Institute has organised and hosted over 545 cultural events at 76 different locations, held 143 course, 80 workshops, 40 exhibitions, 153 talks, 63 concerts, 86 film screenings, partnered with 47 other institutions and housed over 200 meetings. Yunus Emre Institute in London has  also contributed to the promotion of Turkey’s rich cultural heritage with the Karagöz and Hacivat Project in which the shadow play was performed to many UK primary schools and institutions in the  English and Turkish languages. As part of the ‘A Pinch of Anatolia’ Project, world renowned chefs Musa Dagdeviren and Omur Akkor introduced a variety of Turkish  delicacies through their tasting menus and talks. In addition, 35 students who attended classes at the Yunus Emre Institute in London received a scholarship to travel and attend the Turkish Summer School hosted in Turkey.


Somalian Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble made a speech during Global Somali Diaspora Summit held between 27-28 December.

Yunus Emre Institute in London carries out joint projects in the fields of culture, art, science, social responsibility with countries cooperating with Turkey. All these events strengthen ties between societies and provide a broad perspective and depth to intercultural dialogue. While meaningful ties are established between the past and the present, foundations of a new future are also being established for a peaceful world. Turkish Cinema Week, Be Our Guest Project, Arts& Culture Lecture Series, Young Scholar Seminar Series, Turkish Community Art Exhibition, Artists in Conversation, London Craft Week, London Book Fair, a rich variety of courses, and summits organized with the Global Somali Diaspora are among the many events strengthening intercultural relations.



 Turkish language courses are held at the University of Cambridge with the cooperation protocol signed between Yunus Emre Institute in London and University of Cambridge Language Centre

Yunus Emre Institute in London has taken important steps to expand its educational and cultural activities by signing a cooperation protocol with Trinity College Dublin and University of Cambridge Language Centre. Yunus Emre Institute has initiated its operations at Trinity College Dublin, one of the world’s top 100 influential universities.  The chair, set up in Ireland’s capital Dublin serves to develop close ties between Turkey and Ireland and undertake a number of activities and research mainly in the area of Turkish language teaching, culture and arts. Turkish language courses are held at the University of Cambridge language centre which is located in one of the World’s most prestigious universities.