Minister Kasapoğlu meets students at Yunus Emre Institute's Cologne branch


Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu has met representatives of sports clubs and university students coming from various cities across Germany at Yunus Emre Institute's Cologne branch.

Attending a program organized by the US Academicians Platform, founded by Turkish university students, Kasapoğlu pointed out that sports provide a perfect opportunity for bringing together diversity, and boosting peace, friendship and camaraderie to the highest extent.

He indicated that sports represent a universal meeting arena for humanity in our time, stressing the fact that sports are a key to a healthy and constructive life for individuals.

Kasapoğlu advised young people to do sports in order to leave health lives and contribute to common future of humanity. "Sports are antidotes to all evil. We don't want any of our young people to pick up bad habits in a way to harm themselves. We would do anything to prevent this. On this occasion, I would like to caution you against terrorist organizations that threaten not only our country, but also the entire humanity. I expect you to stand firm against all sorts of addictions that would undermine your will and bring self-destruction. No one has the right to take your future and your best years away from you. Each of you is precious and special for us, your country and nation. We love you so much. We believe and trust in you with all our hearts," he said.

"Volunteers Summit"

Minister Kasapoğlu underlined that the terrorist organizations which Turkey has been fighting against actually threaten the entire humanity. "Please monitor Turkey closely. Understand correctly Turkey's efforts to spread love, justice and compassion for all people. I may not be possible to put an end to your longing for Turkey, but I promise to do whatever is needed to minimize it. Our ministry has declared 2019 the "Year of Volunteerism" in Turkey. In this framework, we will perform numerous activities and hold a Volunteerism Summit," he said.

Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu advised young people to go after their dreams. "Please do not give up reading, producing, and working for a healthy and enlightened life," he said.