"Mobile Mathematics Museum" in Gaziantep


Yunus Emre Institute continues to reach young and creative individuals with Mobile Mathematics Museum, carried out within the scope of the Turkey Scientific and Academic Cooperation Project (MEDICAL) launched under the auspices of Turkish Presidency.

Yunus Emre Institute establishing bridges of friendship between the countries through public and cultural diplomacy activities conducted for the promotion of Turkey, meet with Syrian children under protection in temporary shelters in Turkey with Mobile Mathematics Museum prepared within the scope of TABIP launched with the aim of strengthening international scientific and academic cooperation.

Mobile Mathematics Museum, that aims to reach 45 thousand people between ages 6-18, brought together children in container city in Nizip district of Gaziantep. Syrian students who followed the lectures about mathematics with interest, participated in various activities organized for them and watched cartoons on the giant screen set up in the city.

They learn mathematics through exploring

Yunus Emre Institute President Şeref Ateş visited the container city with a delegation including University of Jerusalem Dean of Public Health Motasem Hamdan and faculty members, to follow the activities on site and to make inspections. The delegation, welcomed by the District Governor Kemal Şahin and camp administrators, visited the schools where children are educated and received information about the services provided to Syrians.

İnstitute President Ateş who issued a statement, marked that they aim for students to like science and to teach them analytical thinking with Mobile Mathematics Museum, also said that they give priority to Syrian children living in camps in Turkey. Noting that after visiting the temporary shelters in Turkey,  Mathematics Museum will travel abroad, Ateş spoke as follows: "Until now, Mathematics Museum has reached 10 thousand students in areas allocated in various destinations. Here our students learn mathematics through exploring and touching, and gain a new experience this way. Here, the children of our guests will also benefit from this activity. We bring the museum together with Syrian children with the aim of removing the traces the events in their country left on them and showing them that they can be productive with the guidance of science.”

Mathematics Museum is an efficient practice

University of Jerusalem Dean of Public Health Motasem Hamdan thanked Turkish people and Turkish state for their efforts and expressed that the Mathematics Museum is an efficient and inspiring practice to teach science. Stating that the same practice in Palestine has been very rewarding, Hamdan said that he wishes for the project to contribute to education of young people and children in the container city.

"Turkey Scientific and Academic Cooperation Project" (TABIP)

Yunus Emre Institute launched "Turkey Scientific and Academic Cooperation Project" (TABIP) to carry out Turkey's cultural diplomacy activities, to introduce Turkey's means and capacity in scientific, academic and technological fields and to form Turkey's scientific and academic interaction strategies.

Yunus Emre Institute that primarily aims to form a "science diplomacy" within the scope of TABIP launched under the auspices of Turkish Presidency, will contribute to monitoring international developments closely while promoting Turkey's strong scientific and technological aspects to international public in line with its experience in international networks and diplomacy.

"Mobile Mathematics Museum"

Mobile Mathematics Museum that features special stations of the Thales Mathematics Museum, one of Europe's most comprehensive mathematical museums, offers a unique experience to children in the abstract world of mathematics by providing virtual reality (VR) and enhanced reality (AR) experiences in 35 special mathematical formula stations. The aim of organizing various programs accompanied by expert trainers, is to teach and make mathematics popular through integrating it with social life.