Moving The Stones out of Place

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Institut Français d’Etudes Anatoliennes (IFEA) (French Institute for Anatolian Studies) has launched an important project as part of the EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Programme (ICD), conducted by Yunus Emre Institute.

The comprehensive documentaries to be shot within the context of Europe’s Neolithic Bridge: Documenting and Disseminating the Neolithic Heritage of Anatolia Project aim to stress and promote the Neolithic heritage of Anatolia. The shooting of the documentary that focuses on Anatolian civilizations and their extension to Europe has recently commenced with a crowded team.

The documentary that will tell the stories of the Neolithic era and ancient times in Anatolia started with the shooting of Aşağı Pınar Excavation in Kırklareli on July 6, followed by the shooting of excavations in Uğurlu in Gökçeada, Yeşilova and Ulucak in İzmir, Aktopraklık in Bursa, Körtik Tepe in Diyarbakır, Çatalhöyük, Boncuklu Höyük and Central Anatolia volcanic region, Tepecik Çiftlik, Köşk Höyük and Aşıklı Höyük in Konya and in Niğde.

Interviews were held with the heads of excavations to give more insight on history while interviews with local people added spice to the documentaries. The museums where the archaeological finds from the excavations were also filmed, and the team had traveled for 10,000 kilometers for the filming.

Enis Rıza acted as the director and Nalan Sakızlı as the production director for the documentary filming of which will continue in the excavations and museums in Istanbul, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia.