Nasreddin Hodja's Adventures in Paris


Les Chuchoteurs theater company has staged the play entitled "Nasreddin Hodja's Amazing Adventures" in Paris. The members of the company, Stevens, Angela and Sarah, played the role of Nasreddin Hodja by turns, and brought the most popular Nasreddin Hodja stories to the taste of children for one hour.

The play was staged with support from Yunus Emre Institute's Paris Branch at five different schools between 7 and 10 May, 2019.

The players also gave information on the life of Nasreddin Hodja before staging his famous anecdotes including "Eat, My Fur Coat, Eat," "A Man of His Word," and "Dark" showcasing the hodja's witty had humorous approach to the events. The performances ended with the staging of the selected stories picked by the children by lot.