No Interruption in Turkish Teaching!


Yunus Emre Institute continues to give Turkish language courses on the Internet due to the COVID-19 epidemic wreaking havoc all across the globe.

More than 30 branches of the Institute in many places around the world, such as Jordan, the UK, Qatar, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Romania and Poland, offer online courses for their trainees. Sacrificial work by the Institute's instructors has made it possible to resume the Turkish teaching on the Internet.

The Turkish language courses, organized by Yunus Emre Institute's London branch for people with different ages and professions, are conducted in the form of brief lessons on reading, grammar and speaking for weekday and weekend groups. This enables the trainees at different levels from A1 to C1 to go on with their Turkish learning nonstop.

Yunus Emre Institute's Cairo branch teaches Turkish to more than 1,500 Egyptians every year, and it is currently providing online Turkish courses. With their training videos, the instructors at Yunus Emre Institute's Cairo branch make Turkish learning accessible for everyone.

In addition to the training videos that help trainees improve their four basic language skills, the trainees are also offered amusing videos to support their training process.

The Institute's branches in Pristina, Prizren and Peć, too, provide online Turkish courses as part of the measures against the Covid-19 epidemic. Thanks to their distance instruction system, about 400 trainees in 12 groups can receive online training, and enrollment is underway.

Yunus Emre Institute's Rabat branch is another center providing online Turkish teaching. At the courses enriched with the training videos prepared by the Institute's instructors, the students at different levels can practice upon their speaking skills at the end of the lessons.

In Senegal and South Korea, Turkish language courses are given in physical classrooms.