Ottoman Works on Display in Austria


An exhibition entitled "Eine unverhoffte Begegnung – Haydn und die Türkenoper" (The Unexpected Encounter - Haydn and Turkish Opera) has been opened in Grein, Austria to showcase the musical instruments and apparel from the Ottoman era.

The program held on Friday, May 10 at the exhibition hall of the country's oldest theater, the City Theater in Grein, was opened by Grein Mayor Mag. Rainer Barth. Curated by Dr. Klaus M. Pollheimer, the exhibition contained various musical instruments used by the Ottoman military band, Mehteran, as well as Ottoman apparel and accessories.

The event was conducted as part of the Danube Opera Festival, which has been organized by various countries bordering the Danube for 25 years, and the opera "L'incontro improvviso" (The Unforeseen Encounter) by famous Austrian composer Joseph Haydn, containing Turkish music, was staged. Following the concert, the guests visited the exhibition and had a chance to examine the works from the Ottoman era closely.

The exhibition will be open to visitors at the City Theater in Grein until October 26, 2019.