Prof. Dr. Ahmet Haluk Dursun comment on the Turkish-Russian Year in Russia


Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Prof. Dr. Ahmet Haluk Dursun has performing the opening of the "World's Largest Museum: Turkey" exhibition during his visit organized by Yunus Emre Institute's Moscow branch. 

Following the opening performed on Wednesday, January 30, Prof. Dr. Haluk Dursun held a press conference concerning the activities to be conducted in Russia as part of 2019 Turkish-Russian Mutual Culture and Tourism Year. During the press conference, he provided detailed information on the cultural and artistic events planned for the 2019 Mutual Culture and Tourism Year and answered questions from Turkish and Russian journalists.

Stressing that 2019 will be a year of intensive cultural and touristic interaction between Turkey and Russia, Dursun explained that the official opening of the Culture and Tourism Year at the Bolshoi Theater on April 8 with the premiere of the "Troy" opera.

Prof. Dr. Dursun pointed out that the opening ceremony is planned to be held with the participation of the heads of state of Turkey and Russia. The Mutual Culture Year will provide us opportunity to exchange our cultural treasures and we plan to engage in intensive cooperation in the field of culture with Russia this year," he said.

History dating back to 12,000 years ago

The "World's Largest Museum: Turkey" exhibition showcases a host of artifacts, some dating back to 12,000 ago, the relics of numerous civilizations that emerged and prospered in Anatolia including Hittites, the Seljuks, the Byzantine, and the Ottoman Empire.