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Reed Flute Course to Start in Nicosia YEIE

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

It is one thing to know,
But another thing to find,
To exist is something else.
The reed flute, also known as “ney”, one of the traditional instruments of Turkish Sufi music,
meets music lovers at Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute. The reed flute, who takes the listeners on a
cultural journey with its sound, is waiting for people to accompany it on this journey. The course
registration, which started on September 10, will continue until October 6. The courses, which are
scheduled to start at the Institute on October 13, 2021, will last for 10 weeks. During the course,
the participants will learn how to play the reed flute with the theme and methods of Turkish music.

For more information:

Tel: 0392 227 31 79

       0533 843 57 41

E-mail: lefkosa@yee.org.tr